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Our recommendations to Stay Safe on the Internet

Beware of Internet Scams and Fraud Schemes

How to recognize fraudulent (so called “phishing”) e-mails Phishing e-mails are widely used by hackers to try to trick you into revealing...

More services for DR Congo ...

How to pre-pay products and services in DR Congo

You want to send money to DR Congo for specific goals? Moneytrans has the answer!If you want your money to be used only for paying your...

Home Transfer VIP

Now it is possible to send higher amounts!

  It is now possible to send higher amounts in an easy and cheap way, with our brand new Home Transfer VIP service! Should you need to...


Morocco 5€ only.

The best exchange rate

Brazil 4€ only! The best exchange rate.

For transfers from 1€ to 10,000€

Philippines only 5€. The best exchange rate.

For any transfer of € 1 to € 3.000

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