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Cookies Policy

Moneytrans Payment Services S.A. - Cookies

Cookies - Introduction

Some parts of the website use “cookies” to enhance the experience of the services provided online.

A « cookie » is a text file containing information about the preferences of website visitors. It is generated by the server of the website visited, and then stored locally on the computer of the user. During a subsequent visit to the same website, the content of the cookie can then be retrieved by the website in order to recognise the computer of a returning visitor.

Cookies are widely used by websites and present different types. Some of them are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of Internet websites, while others help to improve website usability or efficiency or to download content from third-party websites.

One can further distinguish “session cookies”, which are only created temporarily, from “persistent cookies”, which remain stored on the computer of the website visitor for a defined period and are re-activated whenever the visitor returns to the website which created them.

Cookies used by MONEYTRANS

The website firstly uses session cookies, which are necessary to ensure the proper navigation on the website and to use online services. Such cookies act as a memory for the web pages by instructing the server which pages to display next and by remembering ordering information needed to finalise the online purchasing of products and services. Session cookies have a lifespan limited to the duration of the user sessions and are deleted from the users’ computer when they leave the website.

The website also uses persistent (“technical”) cookies, which record data on the sessions of registered users. Such cookies allow to personalise the services for returning visitors, by remembering their preferences, such as language selection or previously placed orders, and hence save them from having to re-enter the same choices on each new visit. On the other hand, technical cookies created by the website do not store the personal access codes of website users. Registered users will thus be prompted to authenticate themselves on each new visit on the website, in order to preserve the security of their sessions.

Thirdly, the website may use cookies placed by third-party websites, such as Facebook and Google Analytics. Such cookies are downloaded when the visitor enters a third-party website via a link embedded on the website. MONEYTRANS has no control on such cookies placed by third party websites, and whose use is governed by different rules than those applicable on the website. We therefore strongly recommend to visitors of such third-party websites to verify the terms governing the privacy policy and use of cookies by such websites before pursuing their visit.

Cookies, Security and Privacy

Cookies placed by the website do not permit to identify the users individually since they do not store any personal data. They only allow to recognise the computer of the user.

Similarly, cookies generated by the website are not able to search and retrieve personal data stored elsewhere on the computer of the user. They are solely used to ensure a user-friendly and secure navigation on the website. The only information that they allow to gather about the behaviour of website visitors is at best aggregated for statistical purposes and therefore remains anonymous.

Persistent cookies generated by the website are stored on the computer of the user for maximum 12 months. The user can, however, choose to delete such cookies in line with the instructions provided hereafter.

Consent to the Use of Cookies

Most of Internet browsers are nowadays automatically configured to accept cookies. Internet users may however choose to adjust the “privacy settings » of their browser to inform them of each cookie placed on their computer, or to prevent the storage of some or all cookies.

Users wishing to use the online services but restrict the use of cookies by MONEYTRANS can adjust their Internet browser to block the storage of persistent cookies on their computer.

On the other hand, MONEYTRANS cannot guarantee the access to some parts of its website or the use of its online services if the user should adjust the browser settings to block all type cookies, including “session” cookies.

By using the website without adjusting their browser settings, the user consents to the placement and the use of cookies by MONEYTRANS, in line with the terms set out in this document.