10 Things You Must Do in Morocco!

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Who hasn’t dreamed of watching a sunrise in the mighty desert, strolling through endless narrow, colorful streets or simply watching the horizon sleep on the sea…? We know where to find it: in Morocco!


When traveling to Morocco we came across all this and more. An earthly paradise, where you can enjoy countless adventures and places for all tastes. Whether you are an adventurer or a quiet traveller with a desire to get to know and admire new cultures, this is your country. Do you want a try?


If you are travelling in company or alone, if you have a large budget or are looking for more affordable alternatives, if you are adventurous or if you prefer to relax… Whatever your plan, take note of our list of things not to be missed in Morocco!


  1. Get Lost in its Medinas

Morocco is full of medinas… They’re ancient cities surrounded by walls towers.

The medinas are full of life and charm thanks to their labyrinthine alleys. There you’ll find homes, souks, gardens and lots of local people. A unique environment and experience…




  1. Visit the Souks

You can’t visit Morocco and not visit one of its souks to discover the colors, smells, people and the way everyone expresses themselves there.

In the souks you can find all types of carpets, leathercraft, spices, soaps, incenses, lamps and endless amount of items. So many articles that, if you like Moroccan culture and charm, it will be very difficult not to fall in love with something.

Be careful! They usually pay for everything in cash and haggling is very popular there. Try to interact with the utmost respect and good humour. They’ll appreciate it!




  1. Try All the Moroccan Food

The Moroccan gastronomy is vastly varied, delicious and with options for everyone. For vegetarians, for those looking for a good deal, or even for those who want to enjoy Michelin Star cuisine.

Whatever your plan may be, don’t miss out on the typical dishes like tajine, cuscus or bastela.




  1. Drink Tea with a Local

Morocco smells of mint tea and is the drink for excellence. There you will find it everywhere and it will be offered to you at all times. It is customary to offer tea to tourists when they arrive at a riad, a restaurant or a house, among others, and the most respectful thing to do is to accept it.

You’ll discover its intense sweet taste and how mint helps to refresh that delicious moment when you have tea.




  1. Stay in a Riad

The riads are old palace houses. They have a traditional architecture around a garden or patio that usually evokes tranquility, peace and a high dose of charm.

In Morocco there are hotels in the purest western style, but if you sleep in a riad you will feel immersed in a small paradise.

There are riads for different budgets and that offer more or less comfort, but they’re a good place to stay and without a doubt a much more original option than a hotel.




  1. Go Sleep in the Desert!

If what you like is more intense experiences, don’t hesitate to spend a night in the desert. There you can sleep under the stars or in a tent and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunrises in Morocco.

There are several ways you can organize it and you can find a package suitable to your budget.




  1. Plan a Visit to its Madrasas and Mosques

Madrassas are schools of classical and religious education and feature traditional architecture around a fountain or courtyard that flows into students’ apartments, classrooms or rooms.

Two of the best known are the Ben Youssef in Marrakech or Bou Inania in Fes.

With regard to their mosques, it must be said that they are places of worship so access is not always allowed and you must show maximum respect. If you have the opportunity to visit one of them, you will find a decoration and an environment worthy of admiration.




  1. Learn About its History and Architecture

In Morocco you can find different styles and cultures living together, but even the most modern buildings keep and respect the architectural roots.

Contrasts, geometric patterns, colors, mosaics, the front of the buildings, its gardens and courtyards… Essentially, an exotic combination of styles of great beauty that are impossible to ignore.




  1.  Get to know the seaside area

If the hot desert is not your thing or you don’t feel like the putting up with the noise in the medinas, you can go to one of the coastal towns instead.

One of the most popular ones is Essaouira, surrounded by a Portuguese fort from the XVI C. There you can walk through the narrow streets, admire the white and blue houses or enjoy a walk through the boardwalk by the sea or maybe even surf.




  1. The Ouzoud Falls

If nature is what you’re into, don’t hesitate to visit the Ouzoud waterfalls. You will enjoy a whole show in the middle of a landscape that will leave you speechless…

It is one of the most famous waterfalls in North Africa, about 160 km from Marrakech, surrounded by rivers and with an impressive fall of 110 meters.




Morocco is a destination that offers endless experiences for all tastes. From sleeping in the desert to a romantic getaway to stroll through its medinas and stay in a charming riad.

Here we have offered only a small sample of what this destination has to offer. Its architecture, the colors of its streets and the impressive mosques are a gift for the senses. Without a doubt, some memories that will remain engraved in the retina forever.



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