AIS cards in Cuba and where to apply at FINCIMEX offices

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If you have read our article about the AIS Card, and how to send money to Cuba with the best quality price, and you are reading this, you are probably interested in requesting a free AIS card directly in the territorial offices of the Financial CIMEX, FINCIMEX.


To help you with your application for the AIS Card, in Moneytrans we show you below a list of Fincimex offices throughout Cuba. In these offices your family or friends can request and collect your AIS card after 5 working days if you are inside Havana, or 10 if you live in other provinces.

Remember that whether you need to send money to Cuba, or receive it, Moneytrans allows payment to this type of cards so that your shipment to Cuba from Spain or Sweden is faster, easier and safer for your relatives.

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List of FINCIMEX offices to request and collect AIS cards


Martí nº 356, Baracoa, Guantánamo.

(+53 21 645254)



Gral Gómez 105 con Independencia y Maceo.

(+53 32 294659)


Ciego de Ávila

Calle Cuba con Honorato del Castillo y Maceo.

(+53 33 266429)



Calle 45 nº3003, entre 30 y 33.

(+53 43 551635)



Avenida Frank País, Edif. Novedades, con 2da y Figueredo, Bayamo.

(+53 23 427800)



Crombet con Los Maceo y La Línea

(+53 21 355862)



Calle Frexes Esq. Carbo.

(+53 24 468016)


Isla de la Juventud 

Calle 39 e/ 30 y 32. Altos del Servicupet El Parque.

(+53 46 321429)


La Habana 

Ave. 3era No. 408 e/ 4 y 6, Miramar, Playa.

(+53 7 835 6444)


Las Tunas

Ave 1ro de mayo nº55, entre Juan Ramón y 41, Rpto.La Victoria.

(+53 31 346803)



Calzada de Esteban Esq. San Ambrosio, Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas.

(+53 45 25343)



Calle 86 esq 45, Güines

(+ 53 47 526759)



Avenida 1ro de Mayo s/n Moa.

(+53 24 607091)


Pinar del Río

Luis Pérez Esq. Gerardo Medina s/n Pinar del Río.

(+53 48 778211)



Fausto Pelayo s/n, Servicentro Oro Negro, Trinidad

(+53 41 994820)


Sancti Spíritus

Ave. de los Mártires s/n Esq. Circunvalante Olivos 1.

(+53 41 328525)


-Santiago de Cuba

Santo Tomás nº565, con Enramada y Aguilera

(+53 022 687120)



Santo Tomás nº565, con Enramada y Aguilera

(+53 022 687120)



Calle 63 y 2da Avenida

(+53 45 668046)


-Villa Clara

Ctra. Ctral edif. Morata con San pedro y Virtudes.

(+53 42 225768)



We hope we have helped you to find your nearest FINCIMEX office in order to request your AIS card and be able to receive or send money to Cuba.

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