Argentina’s Independence Day, a day to celebrate a way of life

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Argentina, a country of charming, talkative, friendly and cultured people. A country with a hospitable character, offering a warm welcome to all. A multicultural and open-minded country. A land of beautiful landscapes full of nature, which seem to be drawn from a fairy tale, like the Seven Colored Hills, the Salinas or the Perito Moreno.


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The true hallmark of Argentina is that it is a country where personal relationships are above all else; on Argentina’s Independence Day, we want to bring a piece of its wonderful history and culture to everyone in the world. 

Since July 9, 1826, Argentina celebrates its declaration as a free and independent nation. Led by José de San Martín, Manuel Belgrano and Bernardo de Monteagudo, the federalist party was the main driving force behind the independence initiative and was in charge of the struggle for the liberation of Argentina, which later spread to Chile and Peru. 

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Things to see and to do in Argentina

On the Independence Day, it is necessary to visit the Tucumán House, since this is where the main celebration takes place, being the place where the Tucumán Congress was held, the flagship stage of the Declaration of Independence of Argentina. 




It is also recommended to attend the ceremony at Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, where a parade takes place along the Avenida de Mayo, passing in front of the spectacular Casa Rosada, seat of the Argentine government. 




But Argentina is much more than that, we can’t forget to talk about the most European capital of America, Buenos Aires, and its streets flooded with memories of European cities like Madrid, its beautiful avenues, colorful buildings and large parks where any visitor feels at home. 




The wonder of its nature reflected in its famous Iguazu Falls, a must-see stop for all those who visit Argentina. It is at this point where nature shows all its brightness with the powerful roar of its waters, and that resounds in your chest when you look out to see a fall that seems to have no end. 




San Carlos de Bariloche, one of the most richest places in Argentina in terms of biodiversity. A place where you can enjoy the views of Cerro Campanario and Cerro Catedral, or get lost taking a walk through the Arrayanes forest, a place that inspired Walt Disney himself when he drew the forest from the film Bambi.  




Besides its landscapes and places to visit, Argentina is also a country of traditions and customs. Enjoy eating one of its famous “empanadas“, one of its most famous dishes. A delicious dish which can be stuffed in different ways depending on the region you are in, but they all have something in common, their spectacular flavour.  And if you want the experience to be perfect, don’t forget to finish your meal with one of its most typical drinks, the mate, an infusion made with mate leaves, which is served as a digestive and a purifying drink and also has a delicious bitter taste.  




Tango, the most emblematic dance of this country, native of the Rio de la Plata, arises thanks to the cultural diversity from the time when European migrants traveled to this area. This dance is characterized by the close embrace that is created between a couple, the passion in their movements and a certain improvisation axis that adorns the dance. 

[mkd_blockquote text=”“A two-headed monster, a four-legged beast, languid or vivacious, who lives as long as a song lasts and is killed by the last beat”, Alicia Dujovne Ortiz.” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]



And of course, we can’t miss the opportunity to attend a football match and enjoy the great game of this country. Its popularity is so strong that it is the country with the most federated players. According to the data, 9 out of 10 Argentines are football fans which is reflected in the support that the Argentine team receives from its fans during the 2018 World Cup.




Argentina’s economic situation 

Despite its cultural, national and historical wealth, today, on the day of Argentina’s Independence, Argentines have reasons to keep fighting for their rights and freedom, and for what they consider fair and noble, because of the difficult political and economic situation they are currently experiencing.  

In 2016, between May and June, there were around 20 massive manifestations every week, all over Argentina, due to an increase in Public Services up to 2000%, and because of the unexpected crisis that left thousands of people without jobs every week.   

Currently, corruption in the Argentine government remains a serious problem in the public and private sectors, despite the fact that the legal and institutional framework to fight corruption is strong. 

This beautiful country is going through an enormous crisis in its soya and corn fields, the main exportation products and essential for its economy. It is estimated that the losses in these two sectors are around $5 billion.  

Due to this situation, the country that once hosted different migratory groups throughout its history has become one of the most emigrating countries in the entire region, with nearly one million Argentines currently living abroad.  



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