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At Moneytrans we are a great team working side by side to provide the best services. There are now over 5,000 agents on the team. Want to know why? Discover the benefits of being our agent!


The heart of the Moneytrans Group is in its people. To achieve our goals, we build on the great qualities of our team, our commitment to being second to none, and our deep knowledge of the ethnic communities we serve. Our agents are part of this great team and are especially important to us.

We want the best in our team, and for that, we offer the best. At Moneytrans we want to be your advisor and empower your business. Discover all the advantages of joining a company with more than 20 years in the sector.

Here are the benefits for Moneytrans community agents – what are you waiting for to take off?


Join the Moneytrans agent network

Whether you already have a business or are setting up one, Moneytrans can help. We offer you a simple and interesting way to expand your business, start a new project and increase your income.

More than 5,000 agents trust us now. The reason for our success? A service that enjoys an excellent quality/price ratio as well as a system that allows us to generate generous commissions.

At Moneytrans we have a clear goal: our mission is to grow your business and provide you with the tools and training to make it happen together. All this in a 100% personalized way.


Benefits of being our agent:


1. Important Source Of Income

On average our agents earn 500€ per month. It’s up to you to maximize your profits by generating more shipments through us.


2. No Initial Costs

You don’t need to make any previous payment to start the activity. To start working you just need to install our program on your computer.


3. Continuous Advice

Your personal advisor is your first contact, will train you in the use of the program, will show you the tables of charges, will inform you about promotions… You will have weekly assistance in the first 3 months thanks to a team that we put at your disposal with the aim of offering special attention to the new agent. An internal sales representative will be in charge of the training of all your staff. In addition, there will be a monitoring of money orders, payment time, exchange rates, competition and other information of your potential customers.


4. Anytime Backup

If you have any questions, our fantastic customer service team will answer them. Monday to Saturday from 9am to 10pm and Sunday from 12pm to 20pm (363 days a year!).


5. Constant Personalized Training

It is of utmost importance to Moneytrans that our agents maintain our excellent reputation and therefore we offer intensive training.


6. Special Conditions for VIP Agents

Moneytrans believes in your potential and therefore offers a system of bonuses and rewards for agents who achieve their goals. Moneytrans believes in your potential and therefore offers a prize to the new agent who in the first 3 months exceeds the target of 500 turns per month.

If you reach 800 money orders per month, Moneytrans will consider you a SUPER AGENT. We offer you all the advertising material you need, including the labeling of the facade of your business.


7. Our main providers in the world

As a Moneytrans agent you will have at your fingertips a wide network of payers and payment methods.

We can make payments in person (in agencies, banks,…) or remotely (account deposit, home delivery, mobile payment,…).

Thanks to the wide variety of destinations we offer your clients, you will be able to benefit from a large number of agencies from which to charge. You can also choose the currency of payment in which the money will be received at the destination.


8. Benefits of our system

You will be able to manage the transactions to be sent (registration of shipments, real-time calculation of the amount sent and received by customers, printing of invoices, etc.).

You can also manage or modify the data of a customer and their usual beneficiaries at any time.

We also make it easier for you with the search system. You will be able to consult outstanding money orders, customers, receipts according to the necessary criteria.


9. All this, with some of the best commissions on the market

Moneytrans will pay you one of the highest commissions in the industry for each shipment or receipt.


Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a great team.

Do you want to be part of the company?

At Moneytrans you will always find the door open to discover new opportunities. Choosing to partner with an experienced and recognized company is a wise choice. Discover the benefits!

Call us at 951015500 and press option 5 or complete and submit the “Agent Application Form“.

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