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Summer is here, and we’re all browsing the Internet for the best travel tips, asking friends of ours who have already been where we want to go, or checking out the travel guides.


If this year you are willing to make the most of your summer vacation, you are in the right place, at Moneytrans we work with over 140 countries, so we present you one of the best travel guides in the world.


Search for information about your next destination:

When it comes to traveling, the first thing we want to know are the tourist attractions in the area we are going to visit, then nearby places to eat or shop, and not much more. Not often we seek information about the history, culture, and traditions of its people. 

You can find out in forums, or websites specialized in the area you are going to travel to, and you will get a better idea of the different ways of being there may be, or how your behavior should be so as not to disrespect anyone, feel welcome or establish good relations.

A clear example is Russia, usually a smile is never bad, but in this country if they don’t know you, it can create some mistrust or misunderstanding. And now you might want to know more about interesting facts about Russia.




Packing your bags:

When it’s time to get in front of the suitcase and think, what do I take with me? We tend to make the mistake of taking a lot more than we really need, forgetting what is really necessary and using an inappropriate suitcase.

You may be the kind of person who thinks “I will take this just in case”, but how many times have you seen yourself carrying suitcases, bags, backpacks and shoulder bags, climbing a huge hill or walking on uneven grounds and wishing you didn’t have to carry so much luggage?

Think clearly about what kind of trip you want to have, and what you’re really going to use without getting carried away by the thought of “just in case”. Whether you’re traveling on tour or on business, a spacious, wheeled suitcase is more than enough.

If on the other hand, your intention is to travel and move freely, a sturdy and comfortable backpack with many pockets will be your ideal companion.




How much money do I take?

Many people often ask themselves before taking a trip, how much money do I take, card or cash? If I take my card, it’s more convenient, but if I lose it or it gets stolen, they may take all the money out of my account. On the other hand, if I carry cash and I’m short, I may be charged a lot of commission for taking money from another bank, or I may run out of money if I haven’t taken the card with me.

A good option to solve this dilemma is to use a prepaid card, it is like the normal ones, but they are not linked to any bank account, so there is no problem, in case of theft or loss, that your normal bank account is affected.

A good option to get one of these prepaid cards is the Moneytrans EasyCard, a MasterCard prepaid card, with this card you can do all the things you would do with a normal card, but without the inconvenience of having to make a bank account or link it to any. Without paying an activation fee, completely free, you only have to decide the amount you want to recharge it with.

With this card you can have the convenience of a credit card and the security of carrying all the money you need, without anything happening to your normal bank account. You will be able to make purchases at all the merchants in the world that accept MasterCard, and even make purchases online.

If you need more credit once it has been spent, you can top it up immediately or have it topped up from home, and if you need cash, you can use it at any ATM.

Don’t hesitate, find out more and order your Moneytrans EasyCard, and just worry about enjoying your holiday.




Health comes first:

Always keep in mind how, when and where you will travel, your health may depend on it. It is very important to take into account before traveling the possible inconveniences that may be in the area you are going to.

Some exotic destinations require that we get vaccinated against certain diseases that can be transmitted by insects. Other countries may suggest it, so depending on your health status, or level of prevention you want to have to feel at ease, you will take this advice or not.

If you need to take any kind of medicine, always carry more than you think is usual, or make sure you can bring more during your trip. A delay in a flight or a roadblock can cause you to have a setback.




Connect with local people:

Planning your trip can be good to help you know what places to visit and what you can do. But don’t let planning your trip stop you from enjoying and living the experience of meeting new people.

Many times we have everything so scheduled that we miss out on everything around us by looking at our GPS.

Enjoy a coffee on a terrace full of local people and observe people in their daily lives. It’s quite possible that spending an hour integrating with people will tell you much more than just any comment on a travel guide website.

There is no one better than the people who live in the place you visit to show you secret places that only they know, places that are worth seeing in a certain way, or very typical experiences of their culture and way of being.

The best way to find the best place to eat in the whole area is not by asking at TripAdvisor, but by asking an older person, who has probably lived there for many years, and will be able to advise you on where they serve the tastiest and most traditional food in the area.





We hope our travel tips will help you enjoy your summer vacation even more.

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