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[mkd_blockquote text=”“En Algeciras tenemos una realidad muy cerca de Europa a África, el estrecho de Gibraltar, a solo 14km que nos separan, donde se ahogan sus sueños y sus vidas. Podría haber sido yo la que hubiera nacido al otro lado de esos 14 km. Tuve suerte y nací en Algeciras, al otro lado, y como todos hemos tenido esa suerte, de nacer en un país seguro, me gustaría que por un momento fuéramos conscientes de lo que está pasando con la integración de los inmigrantes”, Brisa Fenoy.” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]

These are the words that Brisa Fenoy, an artist, model and singer born in Algeciras in 1991, speaks out against the lack of integration and the situation of immigrants and refugees. Their way of thinking, like that of all of us, is greatly influenced by the environment in which we are born and raised.


In his case, his father was a trade unionist, his mother a writer, whose work deals with issues close to the harsh reality of immigrants in the Strait of Gibraltar, and his brother a photojournalist.

This artist, driven by the famous TV show ‘Operación Triunfo’ (Operation Triumph) thanks to the song ‘Lo Malo’ (The Bad Thing), began her career many years earlier, when she started playing as a little girl with a private tutor. When she turned 12 and was in a conservatory, she composed her first song, entitled “porque un chico me dejó”. Two years later she made her first demo and when she came of age, she recorded her first album, a mix of rock, jazz and pop.


A reality hidden at first sight

It was not until a trip to Istanbul, as a model, that life gave Brisa Fenoy a 180-degree turnaround, that she returned to reality and set foot on the mainland after discovering the reality of the Syrian refugees. The fact of becoming aware of this dramatic situation that many people have to live day by day, and the need to make known this fact and in particular their feelings with other people for the lack of integration, have motivated the artistic creation and materialization of her new audiovisual work.


Street of Istanbul


On January 12th, Brisa Fenoy launched her second single, “Jericho”, a name that comes from a plant from the North African desert that extends to the Middle East. It is an immigrant plant like Brisa called it, as it travels many kilometers without water or land, remaining in an inert state, and can spend many years in that state. It also has the ability that with a little water, it is able to revive in two hours. That’s why her new album takes its name, as it deals with the stories of more than 60 million refugees, and according to its author, it is a subject that is being treated very little, and that may go unnoticed because we are not living it ourselves, with our daily problems. But this is not something that we can normalise, but we must deal with the emigration and human rights of very many people who cross these borders out of absolute necessity, because of conflicts that force them to come.

With this song she wants to make a social denunciation using a hashtag, #14km, which is a reminder of the distance between Spain and Morocco, the distance that exists in the Strait of Gibraltar. This social denunciation is also reflected in the lyrics, as well as in the video clip, which was inspired by his brother, Erasmo Fenoy, a press photographer, who recently held an exhibition of photography dedicated to irregular immigration in the Strait of Gibraltar, which is shown at the José Luis Cano cultural centre.


View of Africa from Gibraltar

A well-deserved award for integration

Thanks to the help provided by the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid, Brisa Fenoy will go even further, turning ‘Jericho’ into a 50-minute documentary, which will show us the life and journey that the sub-Saharans who participated in the video clip of her new song had to make.

On the other hand, the well-known Racimo and Filoxera Awards, which recognize the contribution of people and different groups that advocate for equality, and at the same time denounce the different actions that perpetuate macho, discriminatory or denigrating models towards women, have unanimously decided that in their twenty-sixth edition they will give the Racimo award to Brisa, by generating a high level of repercussion and viralization of this message of equality, respect and social integration.

One of the members of the jury, Collado, stresses that this year, more than ever, these awards are necessary, since there is still a long way to go to achieve real equality and to generate a general awareness on the part of society as a whole, to denounce terrible cases such as violence against women, discriminatory and degrading models of conduct to the dignity of all women.

The message of respect and social integration that Brisa Fenoy is sending to society and that aims to reach the consciences of all those people who listen to his lyrics, is a message with which we at Moneytrans want to help spread, to get our grain of sand to achieve a better world, in which all people, wherever they are and wherever they are born, can feel integrated and respected as all people deserve, without having to suffer discriminatory treatment. That all peoples and individuals can feel united and that we all become aware of the social separation that exists today and that millions of people have to live every day, is a very important part of improving society and breaking down the existing walls, to ensure that all migrants can move freely and that, by crossing them, they do not have to risk their lives. And this is something that we can do together.

As we began, we want to end this writing with the words of this great woman:

[mkd_blockquote text=”“When we see an injustice, let us act from love, and from love, the world will go much better and we will solve the problems that there are. From pain only separatism and individuality are created.”” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]



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