14 curious facts about Russia

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Thanks to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, we have received a lot of news and information from this beautiful land, but do we really know this country and its people?


Whether you have traveled to Russia or not, you will probably know the famous Red Square in Moscow, or the city of St. Petersburg, but did you know that it is the country with the longest railway line in the world?

So, if you want to know some really interesting and fun facts about Russia, sit back, relax and enjoy the 14 most amazing curious facts about Russia by Moneytrans. 


1- Buildings fenced off in winter

In one of the countries with some of the coldest areas in the world, it is not surprising that a large amount of ice accumulates on its buildings. These blocks of ice are so huge that, to remove them, the city cleaning services have to surround the building with a fence to prevent these blocks from falling on someone. 




2- Antinuclear underground

It is said that in Moscow there is a secret underground metro line parallel to the official line that is closed to the public. This second subway line connects the military bunkers built during the Cold War, which would be used in case of a nuclear war. 


3- Streets full of flowers

In Russia it is extremely popular to give flowers as gifts. As a result, there are flower shops everywhere open 24 hours a day. It is customary to give only bouquets of flowers that have an odd number because the even number is associated with the funeral. 


4- A great underground world

Moscow’s famous underground is so popular among its users that every day nine million passengers are carried in its facilities. This figure is definitely higher than the number of passengers per day in the New York and London subways combined. In addition, the Moscow subway is itself a piece of art, as it is completely decorated with artistic works, from chandeliers to stained glass windows and sculptures.




5- Superstitious

At the head of the most superstitious countries in the world stands Russia. An example of this belief in superstition is the need to sit in a chair before making a long journey, or if you forget something and have to go back home, you have to look in front of a mirror and stick out your tongue or you will have bad luck, and never greet someone on the threshold of the door, because it is believed that this will lead to a fight, so before or after the hall, is when you shake hands or two kisses. 


6- An Infinite train

We mentioned earlier that is the country with the largest railway in the world, indeed, the Trans-Siberian Railway has 9,259 km of tracks, which start from Moscow, reach the eastern border of its neighboring country China, and travel along the Pacific to Vladivostok. This trip takes approximately 168 hours. A whole week of travel and this only if there are no stops.  

This route crosses up to 7 different time zones, and the menu of its restaurant has 18 pages, as they serve food of all nationalities they cross during their journey.  




7– If you don’t write that you’re happy))))), then you’re not happy

While in the rest of the world people use smileys, or exclamation marks, to highlight their happiness in the text messages they send, it is very important how many parentheses are written in a message to reflect their happiness. Between being happy and being happy))))), only the second one really is.  


8- There are no special offers in Russia

In Russia, one could say that what is easy to obtain is not satisfactory. The word offer has no translation into their language, because for the Russians good quality products or services can’t be cheap. If you say something is cheap or on sale, it means it is of poor quality. 


9- Fines for having a dirty car

You may have ever forgotten to wash your car, it has rained and it has gotten dirty, or you just haven’t used it in a long time and it has accumulated dust. Well, in Russia that doesn’t happen, because there is a rule that fines you if you neglect your car and it gets dirty. This rule applies even to parked cars, and they can be carried by the crane if they see the car in a state of clear abandonment. 

This fact, even if it may seem excessive, keeps a logic. Being a country where it rains and snows a lot, a large amount of mud is generated and often prevents seeing the registration plates of cars in case of recklessness. So excessive dust is also taken into account by the police authorities.  




10- Cats work in the museum

This is probably one of the most unknown data of all. At the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the national treasure is kept, and the cats guard and protect it.  

Up to 70 cats are living in this museum to scare away the mice that would destroy the works of art in the basements. Three workers look after them and feed them until they find a family that wants to adopt them.  



11- Languages in Russia

The official language is Russian, but as it is such a large country it is also home to a large number of other languages, including Belarusian, Moldovan, Georgian, Estonian, Armenian and Azerbaijani, among many others. 

12- One of the most addictive games in the world

If you are over 20 years old, it is quite possible that you have played this famous game that helped us so much when it came to setting up our bedroom. Without a doubt, Tetris is one of the most famous games in the history of video games and was created in Russia in 1985 by the IT engineer Aleksei Pazhitnov. 




13- Volunteer sweepers

In Russia the word `subbótnik’ from `subbota’ means Saturday, and refers to a Soviet tradition of carrying out a voluntary, non-paid job to clean up the streets of garbage. The first time it was held was in 1920. Since then, the tradition of going out on spring Saturdays to keep the streets clean has been maintained. 


14- The most popular drink

If you thought of Vodka, you were wrong, the most widely consumed drink is tea and they drink it more than once a day. This delicious brew is commonly consumed in homes, offices, cafes and trains, and is usually accompanied by cakes, snacks, chocolates and a couple of teaspoons of sugar.  

One of the cultural icons among the Russian population is the samovar, an ancient version of a water boiler used to make the tasty tea. 





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