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The United Nations encourages us to face challenges, injustices and human rights violations by promoting solidarity. And what better way to show solidarity than though friendship? By cultivating friendship, we can strengthen trust, stability, social support and unity among nations in the quest for the common good that will lead us to a better world. Today, on the International Day of Friendship, we want to share with you a letter addressed to all those friends who are miles away but who feel very close to us in out daily lives!


Dear friend,   


How are you? Here, everything is fine, although you’re not there. It has been a few years now since I left to start a new life away from home. And since then, there have been better and worse days, but your message of support has always come on time. Since the beginning of that new adventure, I always kept in mind the words of friendship you had when we said goodbye. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.   


No one said that it was easy at the beginning, but your messages gave me strength. I constantly think about your jokes, our afternoon walks, the dinners at our favourite restaurant and our meet meetings to update on each other’s lives! After all, at every moment, you have always been by my side and accompanied me. And you have no idea how much I miss your advice!  


We have shared so much together, we have battled, suffered and celebrated together. We have enough memories to write a book! And even if we have to write this chapter of our lives separately, your triumphs are my joy and I know that mines are also yours. Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief, that’s why I’ve been calling you so many times!   


Today I want to thank you for always taking the time to listen to me. Thank you for taking care of my loved ones while I’m away. Thank you for the last-minutes errands. For the encouragement messages and even for your jokes even if they are bad! Thank you for not forgetting me and for understanding the reasons why I left and thank you for never blaming me. I wish you were here too. In short, thank you for supporting me and always staying by my side even though you are thousands of miles away. Maybe that is the true meaning of friendship.   


Life has taught me that friends are the family we choose and with you, I have won a brother for life. Thank you for teaching me that friendship does not know kilometres neither frontiers.   


See you soon my friend.   

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