Don’t go crazy with your New Year’s resolution list!

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The year begins and with it an endless number of opportunities. And there is no beginning of the year without a good list of New Year’s resolutions! The one that so much illusion makes us and that sometimes despairs us. Who hasn’t left more than once some of them unfulfilled? But that’s over this year, today we want to give you some advices so you don’t go crazy trying and this time you don’t miss your goals!  


We know that sometimes fulfilling the long list of purposes is an impossible mission. But don’t worry, even Tom Cruise needs good planning to accomplish his missions! That’s why here are some tips to make it easier to achieve your New Year’s resolutions:


Decide what moves you

The most important thing before starting with your list is to be very aware of who you are and what you are passionate about. That way it will be easier to choose your purposes: they just have to be in line with who you want to be and where you want to go. Because that will be the real engine for achieving your goals and if you are passionate it will be harder to get lost in the way!




Choose the right goals

When we start the new year we come from the holidays full of energy and ready for everything. But the truth is that in making our list of purposes there are two fundamental

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