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Tourism is the best way to get to know the world, cultures and even friends for life. However, before embarking on a trip you must be clear about which is the best option for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Today we tell you the main types of tourism and where you can practice it!


Sun and beach tourism

It is one of the most demanded. It is characterized for being seasonal and characteristic of coastal places with beautiful beaches, sunny days and good temperatures that move between 25º and 30º. Who can resist to these so favorable conditions? If you want to enjoy relaxing on the beach, getting tanned or scuba diving, sun and beach tourism is perfect for you!

Where can you enjoy it? Cuba!




White sandturquoise waterinfinite palms and cocktails will make your stay unforgettable


Cultural tourism

To know a place you need to know its history and what better way to see it than through its monuments, its museums, its art and even its legends. Cultural tourism is a walk through the cultural heritage that surrounds the place we visit. If you are curious to discover places through their history, cultural tourism is waiting for you!

Where can you enjoy it? Rome!





Walking through its streets without a fixed course is quite an adventure because at every step you take the monuments will be around the corner waiting for the photographs to be remembered!


Rural tourism or ecotourism

It is a good alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city and its unstoppable pace. This type of tourism is mainly found in rural areas or those that are in direct contact with nature and the impressive landscapes it leaves us. If you want to disconnect and enjoy the flora, fauna and peace of nature walks and their views, this type of tourism is the best option for you!

Where can you enjoy it? Brazil!




Its national parks, its Amazon River or its famous Iguazu Falls are just a sample of the beautiful coexistence between Brazil and nature!


Tourism of health

The vacations are the perfect time to take care of our health and there are many places and natural spaces with therapeutic properties to which to travel to make tourism of health. If what you want is to relax or to treat some disease, the tourism of health can offer it to you!

Where can you enjoy it? Mexico!




Mexico is a country in which health tourism is becoming more and more established, offering not only medical treatments but also wellness treatments such as spas or spiritual retreats!


Sports and adventure tourism

Sports-related activities are the soul of this type of tourism: skiing, bungee jumping, skydiving, rafting, climbing, cycling and many more. If you are an adventurous soul who is not afraid of new experiences, sports tourism is for you!

Where can you enjoy it? Nepal!




The Himalayan mountain range offers countless adventures through skiing, climbing, hiking and parachuting!


Gastronomic Tourism

The good food and drink typical of a country are the focus of this type of tourism so enjoyed. If you also believe that gastronomy is one of the most important parts of the trip, your palate will thank you for betting on gastronomic trip this year!

Where can you enjoy it? Spain!




Spain is par excellence one of the places whose gastronomy catches you and that is that you won’t be able to leave without trying the ham or the potato omelette!


Humanitarian aid tourism or solidarity tourism

Taking time off to help others is sometimes difficult, so many people use their holidays to do solidarity actions in other countries that need it. If you feel that it is time to return all the good that others have done for you, solidarity trip will be a gift for you!

Where can you enjoy it? India!




The humanity of the people of India will change you!


Space tourism

Although it looks like a science fiction film, the Spacex company has confirmed that it will take two people into space, thus creating space tourism. Of course, only for tourists whose value is not of this planet!

Where can you enjoy it? The Moon!




Although there won’t be a moon landing, they will be able to turn the moon around!


Traveling changes the way you see life. What are you waiting for to embark on your next trip? Moneytrans wishes you a good trip!



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