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Music Day is celebrated every year on March 21st, coinciding with the beginning of spring, and the celebration of the birthday of one of the greatest composers of music, Johann Sebastian Bach.


The origin of this festival was in 1982, being called at the beginning “Music Festival” and was established as a European festival in 1985, since then every year for the summer solstice, throughout Europe we can enjoy this day that, through music, promotes cultural exchange between different peoples.

On the occasion of this date, various musical activities and extraordinary concerts of all styles and genres are held in the main cities of Europe. 

Of course, there´s nothing like being at home listening to relaxing music to enjoy a moment of relaxation. However, being able to walk through the streets of your city listening to good music wherever you go is definitely something unforgettable.

Well, throughout this festival, amateur musicians are encouraged to share their music voluntarily through all the streets of the cities. And on the other hand we can enjoy the organization of free concerts, in which we have the opportunity to enjoy our favorite artists, regardless of style or origin.

At Moneytrans we are always looking for ways to make known the different cultures of the world, and today it will not be less. That’s why on Music Day of  the 2018, we bring you a compilation of the main international and folkloric music festivals as well as another super gift: our exclusive Spotify music compilation of the world!




La Mar de Música

This music festival is celebrated in the Spanish city of Cartagena since 1995.

The Sea of Music is dedicated to make roome for all the musics of the world, inviting to be part of its poster to artists of a specific country every year since 1998.

This festival is accompanied by two other festivals in parallel, La Mar de Arte and La Mar de Letras, which bring to the city, respectively, exhibitions of visual and plastic artists, as well as lectures, presentations and colloquiums of different writers.

The concerts that are celebrated here, are represented in different enclosures, closed or outdoors throughout the city. This festival ended in 2017 with the Best Small Format Festival in Spain award.



If you are a lover of music, singing and traditional dance, this is definitely a date you can´t miss.

The World Folkloric Festival is held in the city of Saint-Ghislain, and extends over 8 days from June 18 to 25 this 2018, these days we can enjoy more than 350 artists from all over the world, among which this year artists from Rwanda and Uruguay are included for the first time.

This musical event shows us a concept in which friendship, fraternity and the discovery of the unknown play a very important role. In addition to music and dances from different nations, the FMF offers various activities for fans of popular traditions, dance workshops, and various activities that will allow everyone to enjoy enjoy moments of extraordinary coexistence.





World of Music Art and Dance, or World of Music, Arts and Dance. This international festival brings together artists from all over the world under the same goal, to promote interculturality and tolerance.

The first WOMAD held in 1982 in England, and since then, showing its objective of promoting interculturality  and tolerance, it has been celebrated in more than 30 countries, bringing this show to millions of spectators who have already been able to Enjoy your music.

Currently, a WOMAD is celebrated in the Spanish city of Cáceres, which in 2016 celebrated its 25th anniversary.




This festival is located in Brussels and celebrates its 29th edition this 2018. From June 29th to July 1st opens its doors, and its main characteristic is that it´s not only the music from the world, but all the music that exists. Distributed in 3 tents, this festival offers musical styles of soul, reggae, dub, salsa, rock, etc.

Organized as if it were a small town, this festival fills the streets of the city of Brussels with numerous animations, fireworks, workshops for children, dance courses, artistic exhibitions ranging from traditional art to contemporary art, as well as multicultural meeting places.





The Festival of Ethnic Encounters of the South, it is a multidisciplinary festival, in which we can find ethnic and alternative music concerts, it´s celebrated in Jaén the third weekend of July during three days since 1997.

This musical event is celebrated with the aim and will to show the to whole world a vision where respect, solidarity, and learning are part of its essence.

Full of free activities and open to all audiences of all ages, the ETNOSUR festival fuses music with other shows, workshops, exhibitions, street activities, contests, etc. that we can enjoy in the different corners of Jaén

Without a doubt one of the most interesting dates that is worth going to enjoy.




This music festival has a program of known and less known artists. Esperanzah! It finds its uniqueness in the philosophy of transmitting: tolerance, respect, equality and discovery.

No doubt the music is, has always been, and always will be, something that brings all peoples together in one. We hope that on this European Day of Music you celebrate with your loved ones listening to your favorite songs, or planning to go on a trip to live and enjoy in one of the music festivals that we have offered.






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