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Since its creation, #GivingTuesday has been holding a special place in the heart of our Moneytrans family! It’s a solidary movement that encourages us to multiply and spread good deeds around the world. What are the requirements? All you need is a desire to improve the world! For our part, we have already started!


Since the beginnings of this movement, half of the world has already fallen in love with it! The idea of #GivingTuesday was born in 2012 in the United States at the initiative of the NGO 92Y Street and the United Nations Foundation. It has emerged as an alternative to days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday that promote shopping and consumption. And as its name suggests, #GivingTuesday is a day to give!


#GivingTuesday in Moneytrans

Giving can have many meanings. These may include financial donations, food donations, blood donations, material donations… Giving also means giving your time, giving of yourself and of your motivation for things that matter to you, for causes that you care about and to help those around you.

At Moneytrans, one of our main commitments is and has always been to support immigrants. So, on #GivingTuesday, here are some of the solidary actions we have undertaken and that we will continue to undertake!


#Migrantema, a campaign dedicated to immigrants

Our #Migrantema campaign is a way to express goals and objectives! Over the years, we have noticed that, if there is one thing that is common to all immigrants, it is that everyone has a great theme, a great dream! And when it comes to dreams, immigrants know no obstacles nor borders. At Moneytrans, we have always been on the side of those who believe in their ideas and have the courage to fight for them and this campaign has been the perfect opportunity to remind you that we are always at your side! #Migrantema is also our way of sharing with the rest of the world those dreams that are hidden behind so much work. If you too are working on your great theme, on your great dream, Moneytrans is supporting you!




Initiatives that create links

In April 2018, Moneytrans organised the first edition of the Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards in Málaga. An initiative to give more visibility and recognition to those who risk creating businesses far from home. Beyond the discovery of brilliant and future-oriented projects, this ceremony has also been the opportunity to connect people and promote entrepreneurial spirit among immigrants. That is why, we are glad to announce you that the Social Entrepreneur Award’s winner, Juliana Maruri and her project Bagloop have joined forces with the communication agency Acento Comunicacion to promote a social, solidary, ecological and sustainable initiative. Congratulations to you!


Solidarity collaboration with Málaga Acoge

“For some time now, we have been looking for associations to work with in order to have a social impact in Málaga” said our Country Manager Leticia Carbajo when she signed a collaboration agreement with Málaga Acoge and their amazing work.

The challenge of Málaga Acoge? Promote the professional and social integration of immigrants in the province of Málaga! And thanks to the agreement signed, Moneytrans is supporting Málaga Acoge in organising a course on the prevention of the professional risks linked to the construction and masonry sectors for fifteen young adults! And, on #GivingTuesday, we wanted to reaffirm our commitment and collaboration by sending them positive and supportive messages from the entire Moneytrans team!






Building bridges in the community

In Moneytrans, we have joined the MEGA project. The Migrant Entrepreneurship Growth Agenda is a European initiative that aims at promoting policies to support business projects launched by immigrants in the European Union. This project is based on three pillars: policy recommendations for a greater inclusion of immigrant entrepreneurship in the political agenda, manuals of good practices and organisation of national and international webinars with experts in the field. Thus, MEGA identifies new opportunities in terms of policies and funding programmes to favour immigrant entrepreneurship. And of course, at Moneytrans, we want to be part of this initiative!


Take part in #GivingTuesday

What can you give on this occasion? Some organisations need funds, others need clothes, food or blood donations and, in many other cases, all they need is your time! #GivingTuesday brings together those who want to go further! It is a two-way solidarity movement. On the one hand, solidarity organisations with needs can present their project free of charge on the platform dedicated to this day so that more people can be aware of their initiatives. On the other hand, people that are willing to help can get information about the initiative in which they can contribute. This is how #GivingTuesday has become a global movement that has linked those who want to give without expecting anything in return and that has encouraged us to show more solidarity!


Find out more about our solidarity projects and don’t hesitate to JOIN US! 

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