Immigrant entrepreneurs, great allies in our society

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Sarah. Vasile. Nadin. Lisandra. Juan Carlos. Yanet. Mohammed. Joy. Antonio or Justine. Are some of the names of those brave people who had the courage to start a new life far from their home. They are the ones who are betting on their dreams. They are the ones who have risked everything to launch their projects and to keep developing these in their host countries. In short, they are the immigrant entrepreneurs. 


Each year, immigrants with big dreams reach Spain with the hope to see their dreams come true. Because when it comes to their dreams, immigrants do not see any obstacles nor frontiers. To such an extent that, in Spain only, 30% of GDP growth between the mid-1990s and the beginning of the century, was the result of the arrival of immigrants and their integration in the Spanish labour market. A tremendously positive impact that reached 50% between 2000 and 2005 according to a report published by Obra Social La Caixa. With these figures, it seems difficult to think that regulated immigration could be negative for the economy of a country.

Currently, immigrants account for 12,2% of the Spanish resident population, however, they only receive 6,8% of social assistance. Therefore, despite false beliefs, immigrants contribute more than they receive as the economist Moisés Martin said on Cadena Ser radio. He has also stated that it is not proven that immigrants are taking jobs away from locals, quite the contrary. Most of the foreign workers are occupying positions that Spaniards do not want, and which are nonetheless essential. It is the case for example of people who are in charge of taking care of elderly people and children.




Immigrant entrepreneurs, driving force for development

This community is, without even intending to, a key booster of economic progress in their countries, both their host countries and birth countries. In recent years, remittances increased until reaching almost 6 000 million dollars in 2017. An amount that stands out since it is three time higher than what is allocated to international aid according to a report published by the NU.

On the other hand, the contribution they make to the place they undertake new life projects in is much more than economic. This contribution is also social, and its value cannot be calculated. The presence of immigrants in a country makes it a meeting place between different ethnics, traditions, gastronomies, cultures and ideas. Perhaps this is why, the diversity of a place is actually its greater wealth.


[mkd_blockquote text=”“Migration is a positive global phenomenon. Migration stimulates economic growth, reduces inequalities and connect different societies” said Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. ” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]


Immigrant entrepreneurs, job creators 

Of the 23 970 freelance workers registered by the Spanish Freelance Federation (Federación de Autónomos ATA), in the first quarter of 2018, more than the half were of foreign origin. And these people are eager to undertake as Spain presents a lot of opportunities to develop their ideas.

According to the report made by the IE Business School, Spain is the best European country for immigrant entrepreneurs. This is due to the number of projects they develop as well as the economic results they obtain compared to the other Europeans countries. Entrepreneurs coming from China, United Kingdom and Romania are standing out but, lately, entrepreneurs coming from Pakistan (662 entrepreneurs), from Morocco (429 entrepreneurs), from Colombia (182 entrepreneurs), from Ecuador (159 entrepreneurs) and from the Dominican Republic (135 entrepreneurs) are following them very closely.

With respect to the business model, most of these brave people have chosen the money transfer sector for their business activity. Some of them have also opted for social help among members of this community, in the area of technology especially in sales and repair of mobile devices and computers as well as in the retail sector. Although, immigrants have also increased their presence in the hotel field and in the construction and transportation sectors.




According to the author of the report, Julio De Castro, the profile of these entrepreneurs is very attractive. They are coming with a training and a great motivation to undertake business activities given the existence of opportunities. In fact, 74% of immigrant entrepreneurs interviewed are planning to make their business grow and are even willing to expand it. ATA already indicates a progressive increase of foreign self-employed workers. Positive figures that suggest better job opportunities for the whole Spanish society. 


Immigrant entrepreneurs, these prizes are meant for you!

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To all the Vasile, Sarah, Nadin, Lisandra, Juan Carlos, Yanet, Mohammed, Joy, Antonio or Justine… you are more than invited! 😉 


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