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In a globalized world, universal access to information is more necessary today than ever. The construction of societies that are formed and aware of the realities that surround them depends on this access to information. This is the way to improve them. Therefore, today we want to share with you the importance of exercising this right on the International Day of Universal Access to Information!  


Know your rights 

In 2002 this date was known as the International Day of the Right to Know. Later in 2015, UNESCO proclaimed September 28th as the International Day of Universal Access to Information. But, what is the right to information? It is a right that seeks to ensure that all people must have access to information of interest and information from public administrations in order to facilitate citizen participation and accountability, because an informed citizen is a demanding citizen. Today more than ever, it is essential for society to be involved in its context, but above all it is absolutely necessary for it to understand it in order to fight for its constant improvement. It is everyone’s responsibility!


Exercise your rights    

The right to information is more than a right, it is the key to make possible the application of the right to freedom of thought and expression. When a person has complete access to an issue, then he or she becomes truly free to think about it and to take action on it. The access to information is also an opportunity to participate and exchange that knowledge as well as enrich their society. F

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