Let’s unite against racial discrimination!

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On the International Day against Racial Discrimination, each and every one of us plays an important role in contributing to change and curb prejudices and discriminatory attitudes. At Moneytrans, it is our mission to fight against racial discrimination!


What about you? What do you see?

Racial discrimination, xenophobia or intolerance remain some of the most frequent problems in each and every society in the world. Every day more than 236 billion immigrants face discriminatory attitudes and comments due to prejudice based of their race, ethnicity or country of origin and in areas such as education, work, health or coexistence. This is a global problem that affects both countries of origin and destination. At Moneytrans we have been defending the rights and freedoms of immigrants for over 20 years. So, today more than ever, join our fight by going beyond prejudice! Because where some see a threat, others see opportunities! Because where some see differences, we see the richness of diversity! And where some see only immigrants, we see courage!   


We see courage!

Bravery is when people pursue their dreams. When it comes to dreams, migrants do not know about neither borders nor barriers! Last year, w, at Moneytrans, wanted to go one step further and make visible the work and effort of millions of immigrants who are setting up their own project. That is why we initiated the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards to recognize the talent of these brave people!

More than a hundred people from all over Spain attended the first edition of the Moneytrans Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards: candidates, finalists, the entire Moneytrans family and, of course, representatives of immigrant organisations and associations such as Andalucía Emprende, Amupema, Promálaga, Málaga Acoge, Cepaim, Fundación Tomillo, Natik Lum, the Andalusian Institute of Financial Studies and AJE Málaga. In addition, that day we were also able to enjoy workshops to present projects and the stories of successful immigrant entrepreneurs such as the Nigerian entrepreneur Orobola Akinradewo or the Senegalese Mamadou Saliou – proof that with work and enthusiasm dreams do come true!

Just like the dreams of our finalists. Divided into 5 categories, these were the winners!

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Neyvi Tolentino and her intelligent robot, with which she reaches out to immigrants like her, solving legal questions about aliens and immigration!

Entrepreneurial Woman Award

Natalia Irena Gladysz, with her app project “Applaudi” for a more accessible theatre!

Social Entrepreneur Award

Juliana Maruri with the creation of “Bagloop” and its sustainable and supportive bags!

Young Entrepreneur Award

Andreea Dragomir with “Meraki Design”! Their designs represent the traditions and local folklore of Barcelona with fun characters.

Best Entrepreneurial Idea Award

Andrea Frigerio and Mercedes Alvarez with their entrepreneurial idea: “The Green Spoon”! An innovative gastronomic experience with organic and 100% vegan products which… is already a success!

They all won a 6 months subscription to the Self-Employed Association, as well as Psinergia Coaching sessions, a place in the prestigious Mentor Day Accelerator and a year of free money transfers with Moneytrans. In addition to these awards, the Young Entrepreneur Award included a 6-month subscription to AJE! Finally, the winner of the best entrepreneurial idea enjoyed a digital marketing service package from the Muxo Marketing agency thanks to Promálaga and… A check of 2,000€ handed over by Moneytrans!


Premios emprendedor inmigrante Moneytrans contra la discriminación


We’re waiting for you! 

The first edition of the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards was full of excitement, learninsg and, above all, dreams… loads of them! We have to confess that for the whole Moneytrans family it was more than a prize, it was a source of pride to be able to value and make visible the effort and dreams of millions of immigrants with the celebration of these awards. Therefore, and as it could not be otherwise … We have the immense pleasure to announce that we are already preparing the Second Edition of the Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards!


We’re expecting you in the Edition of the Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards!


Keep an eye on our Social Media and other channels and don’t miss out on all the information about the next edition of the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards!

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