October 12: the meeting between two worlds!

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Every October 12 commemorates the encounter of two worlds so different, but at the same time so equal, and which have so much to offer each other. That is the true magic of this date!  


This day is celebrated in all Spanish-speaking countries and, although the celebration takes place in all countries every October 12th, everyone celebrates it in a different way. Just as everyone uses a different term for the same festival: if you are in Spain, the official term is “Fiesta Nacional de España”; in Argentina it is called “Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural”; in Colombia it is called “Día de la Raza y la Hispanidad”; in Ecuador it is called “Día de la Interculturalidad y la Plurinacionalidad”; in Honduras it is called “Día de la Raza”; and in Peru it is celebrated as “Día de los Pueblos Originarios y del Diálogo Intercultural”. There are many ways to say it, but only one reason to celebrate: the richness of the integration between ethnic groups!




Diverse cultures and ethnicities  

This festival is based on tolerance and, far from denying the richness of diversity, it extols it and recognizes the prevailing ethnic diversity in America and its Spanish, indigenous or African contributions to this plurality in the best of ways.

The establishment of this celebration also served to recognize that all the countries involved have benefited from European, Central American, Asian, Hebrew and Arab immigration, among others; turning them into multicultural and multi-ethnic nations. So this day brought about a meeting between different cultures: European culture, specifically Spanish culture, and indigenous culture!


A question of race?  

The distinction between races becomes more diffuse with time. Nowadays more and more DNA tests are carried out and these tests usually show a genetic heritage full of history. And if at first glance it may seem unlikely, given the considerable physical differences between races, not to mention cultural variations, from Mexico to Chile and from Ecuador to Spain; you share more with the world than you think!   




If genetic links encourage us to help each other, to find ourselves, reality reminds us that we are all family in one way or another. That is why prejudices should have no place, much less in a day like today!

The key to inter-ethnic development in both Latin America and Spain is integration, tolerance and cooperation in order to take advantage of everything that unites us, but also everything that differentiates us!


Who are you really?

We often think that what determines our identity is a name in the register of our country of birth. But we are much more than that, because that cover letter is too small and insufficient. Who you really are is the sum of your experiences, but also those of the people you know. The sum of your ideas, but also of those around you. The sum of your customs, but also of the cultures of those you meet along the way. Who you are is only the sum of your actions, it doesn’t matter where you come from but the actions you perform wherever you go. It’s about going beyond race and finding what unites us!   

Because the meeting of cultures, visions, experiences, opinions and even races can be found in each and every one of the people of this world, even though sometimes they are not even aware of it.

That’s what happened in this experiment by a travel company with 67 people of different nationalities. Each expressed where they felt from and what reaction some neighboring races provoked them. When the rehearsal ended, attendees couldn’t hold back their tears, discover the results!




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