Microsoft and Ocean Innovation Center (OIC) : a partnership at the service of African youth

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Inaugurated on 11 July, 2017 by Louis Paul Motazé, Minister of the Economy, Planning and Town and Country Planning, the OIC-Kribi was launched with the aim of developing the creative potential of young people by enabling their socio-economic integration through the creation of businesses with high potential.


This initiative was led by the Cameroonian Jacques Bonjawo, a former executive at Microsoft, who announced on February 28, 2018, the signing of a partnership agreement between the American giant Microsoft and the OIC technology park to support start-ups.

“Before leaving Microsoft, Jacques Bonjawo wanted to take up new challenges, including that of the African Virtual University (AVU). I strongly encouraged him to do so. When Bill Gates visited South Africa in 2003, he had the opportunity to speak about AVC at this Forum and the institution took off. I am confident that he will rise to this new challenge as a technology park for African youth and Microsoft is pleased to support him,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Corporation and President of Sales, Marketing and Global Operations.

Some of the main axes of the partnership:

  • Implement strategies to help young entrepreneurs at the Ocean Innovation Center (OIC) in Kribi take full advantage of the latest technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of African economies.
  • Support and provide services to start-ups, including access to Microsoft Corporation’s BizSpark program for eligible innovative start-ups (EYCs). 

Microsoft will also make resources available to the technology hub for technical support, the organization of technical training for participants and financial support for start-ups in their acceleration phase.

“The two institutions will work together to identify the best ways for Microsoft to collaborate with the partner on technology and strategies to help young entrepreneurs OIC-Kribi to make the most of the latest technologies, to accelerate the digital transformation of African economies”, the official statement said.

For the past two weeks, this incubator has been hosting six young entrepreneurs for the development of computer security projects, a delivery application for restaurant dishes, 3D images for health, a helmet for creating virtual content and a participatory financing platform.


Young African entrepreneurs


The centre, with 120 workstations and a high-speed fibre optic Internet connection, has the capacity to accommodate up to 40 startups at the same time.

A strong support for ICO-Kribi.




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