The Moneytrans team celebrates International Cat Day

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Today is International Cat Day and the Moneytrans team wants to pay tribute to their pets!


The cats have become the favorite pet on the Internet. Thanks to the rise of social networks and the countless videos that are published daily, some of them are becoming real influencers!

Admit it, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the viral adventures of a cat on the net. Don’t feel guilty, the first thing that Google’s artificial super-brain – programmed to recreate the workings of the human mind – did was go looking for photos and videos of cats from 10 billion YouTube images.


On the occasion of International Cat Day today, on February 20th, the Moneytrans team wanted to pay tribute to our lovely and beloved companions by sharing some photos and anecdotes and we hope you enjoy it!


#1 – Guerrera, the cat of Leticia Carbajo (Country Manager & Head of Marketing)


Guerrera is almost 3 years old today; that photo was taken when I picked her up from the animal protection agency in Malaga. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the great work of all those people, helpers and veterinarians of the protectoress: they saved the life of Guerrera and many other animals.

Her name, – Guerrera -, comes from her story, as for nearly a year she struggled day after day not to lose her eye, which suffered multiple infections. When I first saw her, she caught my attention; isolated from the other cats, there she was, with a bandage over her eye but playing around like no other cat. A true warrior. I was conquered.

Since my earliest childhood I have been surrounded by these felines. How could I not fall in love with these beings? They have so many qualities!

They are beautiful, elegant, and convey a lot of peace – it’s impossible to be stressed with a cat purring beside you! This phenomenon is supported by a study called “purring therapy”, which states that when the amygdala hippocampus of the brain is stimulated by the purring of a cat, it produces serotonin – a neurotransmitter in the nervous system linked to the inhibition of feelings related to anger, aggression, mood or sleep – which helps to calm the body.

Cats are independent beings and it is very appreciable; they never beg for affection or make reproaches, they only love those who are worthy of their love. And what I like most about them is their absolute emotional honesty; human beings, for one reason or another, can hide their feelings, but cats cannot.

The only drawback that I would highlight in my case is that Guerrera is a Zen teacher, a super-mega-hyper expert in Feng Shui; I would say. She knows the best places in the house… and she is always the first to occupy them.

The cat revolution is here – I’m glad to see that more and more of us love cats. Even fashion and networks surrendered to them! In 2016, more than two million videos of kittens were posted on YouTube with nearly 26 billion hits!

I think it’s great to celebrate a day in their honor; a day to remember that apart from being an animal that amuses us on the Internet, the cat is an extraordinary being that we must always defend and care for. Happy Cat Day to everyone!


#2 – Zizou, the cat of David Coronado, CS Manager


It’s not a sad story. And it might seem so by the time I write it, since a few days ago we were abandoned by Zizou, or chichuni, as we liked to call her, our tuxedo kitten.

But no, it’s not a sad story, it’s a story of gratitude. A thank-you for everything we learned from her. Because I was one of those who had never had feelings for an animal, never until she arrived, looked at me for the first time and started our story.

That was her first master class, to show me through gestures that animals must be loved, they become one of the family and therefore they are loved as such.

Soon after she began to suffer from medical problems, almost all the medical problems a cat can have. Until the cancer came, and she had to have surgery for it, and have several sessions of chemotherapy, yes, I didn’t know it existed for cats either. But she kept coming home happy, dizzy from the sessions, but making an effort to continue showing us her love, and she overcame it, but unfortunately it left her with some sequels that would be incurable, the feared renal insufficiency in cats. Together we were struggling for more than a year to get out of it, to maintain those levels, because she knew we needed her, and during that time she gave everything to stay by our side.

Until the anemia came, a heart murmur appeared and his little kidneys stopped working. That day, Chichuni looked at me and said that she couldn’t take it anymore. I knew her very well and I knew that our story, our happy story had to finish. It was not an end, because I know that, wherever she is, she is waiting for me.

And that last night gave us the greatest lesson of effort and achievement that anyone ever gave me. That last night, suddenly she started to have a normal life, she ate, drank normally, played with us, purred,… and all that, without strength, without energy, without kidneys, without blood pressure, practically without life, but she wanted to give us one last goodbye night without sadness, because as I said at the beginning, this is not a sad story, it is the most beautiful story I ever thought I had.


3# – Lia y Chloe, Amelia’s two loves


The black one is called Lia and I brought her with me because she was the only black one out of her litter and nobody wanted her. She was born in March 2015.

The white one is Chloe, and I’ve had her since she was 20 days old, she was born in July 2016. I tried to raise her on catnip milk but gave up when I found out she was eating her sister’s cookies.

They’re two loves that amuse me with their foolishness.


4# – Lola (o ‘La Lola’), the queen of Victor Hernandez’s house, Account department

What about my cat Lola??

Well, at 8 years old, she makes herself loved and loved very much.

She is the owner and lady of the flat, and she uses me as her favorite pillow haha.

She is very affectionate and also very bossy, loves to nibble on cables and cords, but I guess it’s the very effects of having a cat at home, yet she still makes up for it with her company 😊


5# – Akira y Aiko, Irene’s feline sisters (Online Marketing Specialist)


Akira (white/black) and Aiko (black) are sisters. I adopted them 14 years ago when I was determined to have a black cat.  It wasn’t hard to find her… Nobody wants black cats! But for me it was all love at first sight. She looked at me with pure love and without hesitation I took her with me.

What I never imagined is that instead of going with one cat I’d go with two! When I grabbed Aiko, Akira jumped over her sisters and her mother and climbed on my leg with a naughty face. It was pure energy. She just wanted to play and have fun with me. And, obviously, she stole my heart.

That’s where their names came from… Akira and Ai are two Japanese kanji (Kanji are mostly used to express global concepts). Akira means joy and Ai means love (Ai-ko means daughter of love). I made no mistake in choosing those names, for all this time they have lived up to them.

Aiko has always been a very quiet and loving cat. Akira was always the funny and naughty one. She had me upside down, but each and every day she gave me a smile. And I say ‘was ‘ because today she is in the cat kingdom, where the cats go when this human world becomes too small 🙂

Aiko and I remember her when we pampered each other in those cold winter moments… (in summer she ignores me, literally! It must be because of the heat…).

They have taught me that animals only know about love and that they feel as we should: without asking or demanding… It’s just a matter of giving and receiving…


6# – Elmo, one of the prettiest dogs in the Moneytrans office. Of Mª Paz, Financial Controller Assistant

Elmo is already 2 years old and since he was a baby he comes with us almost everywhere: by car, hiking, to the beach, by bike, rollerblades… He likes to run free in the countryside and on the beach and… pizza. He lives better than anyone and the couch is all his. The truth is, for a Dalmatian, he’s super nice and quiet, but when he sees ladies, he becomes crazy. He is very much loved and receives you as if there were no tomorrow every day without getting tired. My dog only causes me one problem: I think my boyfriend loves him more than me! Sniffff


7# – Rain, the youngest and already has a fan club. Of Jorge Ruiz, Accounting Manager Spain


I have several anecdotes with my dog Rain, but the one that touched me by his courage, fidelity and love for me is the following one:

It was mid-June of last year when I was on the beach walking with Rain. He loves sand, running around and jumping on the shore and wallowing like a madman, but without ever having any contact with the water, he doesn’t like it at all and avoids it constantly.

It was hot that day and since I was wearing my swimsuit I decided to take a swim. Rain would have to wait a minute on the shore for me to cool off. I went into the water, which was colder than Snow White’s stepmother’s heart, and… what was my surprise when I pulled my head out of the water and turned around to see Rain on the shore and that he was right behind me, swimming like a mad dog with his tongue out. I was stunned, and not only by the cold water, but by the way a pet may love its owner. No doubt we are talking about unconditional love… and pure love! I was moved and grabbed him hard to get him out because he was shaking and gave me a lot of pain. I hugged him very tightly. 😊 …



So today, on International Cat Day, celebrate it with your best friend by offering him his favorite food, playing with him and, above all, loving him as much as he loves you.

The Moneytrans team also pays tribute to our friends the dogs on July 21st!

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