Raksha Bandhan: the feast that celebrates the union between siblings

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The Raksha Bandhan is one of the most important festivals in Nepal and India that celebrate the bond between two people. It’s the perfect time for brothers and sisters to share moments and relive all the good memories they’ve had together. Today we’ll tell you what it’s all about!


The Raksha Bandhan, which means ‘protective bond‘, is a Hindu celebration of love and duty between siblings that takes place on the last full moon in the summer, so the dates always vary. This festival is also held in Nepal under the name “Janai Purnima or Rishitarpani”, where there is a sacred thread ceremony by the Newar Buddhist and Hindu communities.

The name of this festival derives from the name of the thread bracelet (rakhi) which is symbolically tied around the wrist of her brother as a symbol of her love.

Families get together, enjoy festive dishes, gifts and rejoice together!




Having a sibling should always be cause for celebration


There are many reasons to rejoice in having siblings:

  • Their love is unconditional: no matter where you are or how long you have not seen each other, love between siblings is unconditional. They will always be there for you and he’ll always be able to count on you for nothing.
  • They can be your best friend: ok, your sibling knows you better than anyone else, you’ve shared many moments together. She knows when something is wrong even if you don’t tell her and, best of all, she knows how to get a smile out of you at those times.
  • We will never find better defenders: they have been and will be our greatest defenders, even in spite of their differences.


In this life, you can have several kinds of siblings. On the one hand, there’s the blood connection. The one you didn’t choose but with whom and with whom you shared a home, a family, and any other important moment of your life. And then there are the spiritual siblings, your dear friends who have one day appeared in your life.




In this life, you can have two kinds of siblings. On the one hand, there are the biologicals. Those people you didn’t choose but luckily you had to share parents, house, some punishment or other and even your whole life.

On the other hand, there are the siblings who are chosen, those who one day appeared in your life to improve it and do not seem to leave soon. And thank goodness, they’re hard to replace! And no matter how many jokes or fights you’ve had throughout the day, your brother will love you the same way at the end of the day because if there’s one thing that all the siblings in the world have in common it’s the unconditional love they have for each other. That’s why they all deserve to be shown how much we care, whether it’s a rakhi or a phone call asking how they are – at the end of the day it’s a way to remind your siblings how much you love them and maybe this day is the perfect excuse!


The ritual of tying rakhi is not limited to siblings or cousins by blood


This bond is not necessarily between parents by blood – a girl can adopt a boy for a brother by tying a rakhi to him. This ritual not only strengthens the bond of love, but also transcends family boundaries. When a rakhi is tied to the wrists of close friends and neighbors, it emphasizes the need for a harmonious social life. This helps to extend the vision beyond the borders of one’s own family to encompass the whole earth in a single family.

This bond celebrates this unique and unconditional love and this day has an inherent power that unites brothers and sisters. Growing distances evoke the desire to be together even more. All the brothers and sisters try to get closer to each other on this auspicious day. And to celebrate by showing our brothers and sisters how much we care about them, whether it’s a rakhi or a phone call.


A Raksha Bandhan which goes further


Nowadays, Raksha Bandhan is not only celebrated between siblings – biological or not-, it’s becoming more and more common to tie ‘rakhi’ among other relatives but also among people who are not of the same blood in order to strengthen the bonds between them. But this celebration has not only served as a union between brothers, family and friends but also as a union and welcome between different cultures and religions.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate of Hindu origin Rabindranath Tagore used the Raksha Bandhan as a symbol of mutual unity and protection between the Muslim and Hindu communities at a difficult time that Bengal (India) suffered in 1905. Since then, many people there have continued to use ‘rakhi’ with their neighbours or acquaintances to promote social cohesion between different communities.




Today many people are tying rakhi to their siblings and their families but it is also a good opportunity to tie it to friends from different cultures and religions as a message of harmony and social cohesion for the rest of the world! 


Happy Raksha Bandhan! 🎊


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