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Romelu Lukaku, also known as “The Tank”, is the striker for the Belgian national team, and today at Moneytrans we want to tell his moving story. 


Born on 13 May 1993 in Antwerp and of Congolese descent, Romelu Lukaku has had a passion for football since childhood. It was his father who taught him so deeply about this passion, the same love with which he had started a football career as soon as he arrived in Belgium and at the age of 23. 

The Belgian striker tells the story of his difficult beginnings and how with determination and willingness he managed to thrive and help his family.

At the early age of 6, Romelu Lukaku already knew about the difficult economic situation his family was going through, but he was not really aware of it until one day, when he returned home from school to have lunch with the same old menu, he found his mother mixing the bottle of milk with water. 

He tells how she served him the lunch with a smile, so he wouldn’t worry, as if everything was normal. From that moment on, Romelu’s hobby would become an unstoppable passion. His goal: to be the best Belgian player in the history of football and to improve his family’s life. Not good, not excellent, but the best.  

He started training with this goal in mind, playing every game as if it were a a championship match. He played with courage, because there were many things he didn’t like, and he was determined to change them. 




 At the age of 12, Lukaku had already scored 76 goals in just 34 games, and he had done so wearing his father’s shoes, since the money was not enough for two pairs. 

Romelu signed his first professional contract at the age of 16. Today, he is one of the best players at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, fulfilling the promise he once made to himself and his loved ones.





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