The Russia World Cup 2018 has already began at Moneytrans

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The Russia World Cup 2018 has already started, the biggest sporting event of the year begins and at Moneytrans we will be part of your celebrations.


Today, Thursday 14 June, with the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia will officially opens the Russia World Cup, in which teams of all nationalities of the world, will play this exciting competition to rise the prized world champions cup.

It will be at the Luzhnikí Stadium in Moscow, with a capacity for 80 thousand people, where the opening event begins, in which figures such as Ronaldo and Robbie Williams will be at the head of a spectacular party.

We know that the opening match is the moment when we all realize the great moment that, since the last four years, you have been waiting for whether you are a follower or not. It is a spectacular moment that brings together everyone around a feeling of love shared by all.

Seeing your country’s football team playing, wearing their colors on the clothes and painted on the face, makes you feel more belonging to your nation than any other day of the year. And for all those people who live far from their home countries, and who have had to migrate, much more.




For this reason from Moneytrans, we want to be part of the victories of your country during the Russia World Cup of 2018. 

Starting from this Thursday, June 14, every time a team from the following list wins a match, from Moneytrans we will launch a free online money transfer offer or through our money transfer app, bound for the same country that wins the football game for the entire day following its victory:













Follow us on our social networks Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any special promotion. Every time one of the countries with which Moneytrans participates, wins a match, we will announce the promotional code so that you can send money to your loved ones to the country of the winning team all day after the match for free.

With the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia being played today, June 14, Russian fans can be the first to receive one of the moneytrans prizes, and can send free money to Russia through our online platform, or with our money transfer app during all 15th of June.

Follow the Russia World Cup 2018 with Moneytrans, and celebrate the victories of your nation with your loved ones.

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