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Solidarity does not understand about race. It does not understand about gender, age or religion. In the same way, it does not understand either about borders, not even nationalities. Because solidarity does not discriminate, it does not judge, it is the best type of help. Solidarity is what is selflessly given to those who need it most, independently of everything else. And it is this type of help that is capable of changing the world. Today, on International Day of Solidarity, we want to focus on solidarity that goes beyond borders, we want to call for solidarity for migrants and refugees!


More than figures  

At the end of last year, 70.8 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced, that is 70.8 million people who were forced to leave their homeland due to conflict, persecution, violence or systematic violations of human rights. So 2018 became the year in which the global number of displaced people reached a record level. In addition, one out of two children who sought asylum this year did it individually, unaccompanied.


In 2009, this number was 43.3 million people compared to 70.8 million today. Most of this increase is still caused by conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, DRC, Sudan, Ethiopia or Bangladesh with the massive influx of Rohingya refugees. Moreover, the recent crisis in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has to be added. Today there are more than 4 million refugees and migrants of Venezuelan origin all over the world, the largest exodus in its recent history. On the International Day of Solidarity we cannot forget that behind these numbers there are children, women and men who have found themselves in the need to leave everything they had achieved behind for a better future or, on many occasions, in order to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


An appeal for solidarity  

It is not an easy path, but it is the solidarity of others that gives hope to all these refugees and migrants. Social movements, civilians, NGOs and international organizations such as UNHCR are working hard to assist the millions of migrants and refugees who arrive exhausted at the frontiers.

Therefore, on the International Day of Solidarity, from Moneytrans we are not only sending our support to all the brave people who are trying to start a new life, but we also want to appeal to all of you who read to us: In a context where forced displacements take place on a daily basis, we need people capable of getting into someone else’s shoes and who try to understand those who risk their lives every day to leave a situation of conflict, persecution or violation of their rights. Therefore, on this day we want to raise our voices to invite you all to contribute to helping and improving the lives of those who were forced to restart theirs. Help build bridges!


This is a time to build bridges, not walls, between people”. 

– Ban Ki-moon, Former UN Secretary-General


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