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10 of the most beautiful songs dedicated to Havana

Havana is a charming city, which offers us beautiful and pleasant walks through its streets. The best thing in Havana is to let yourself go. Go to the rhythm of the Cuban son. The music in every corner of Havana makes it as easy for us as its joyful people.


Cuba is an inexhaustible source of music and great musicians. And one way to know its capital is through the songs that some great artists created for it. Here is a list of the 10 most beautiful songs dedicated to our beloved Havana.


1. Hoy mi Habana, by José Antonio Quesada

Of all the other interpretations of this song, the best is the one of Xiomara Laugart. Known as ” The Black Woman “, this Cuban singer emigrated to the United States where she currently lives.


“Tell me about love, today's the two of us, the feeling went for a boat rid”.


2. Habana, by Fito Páez

The most beautiful declaration of love to this place. Fito Páez compares Havana to a woman he can’t forget.


“Havana because I'm so passionate about your strange perfume”.


3. Habáname, by Carlos Varela

A song that will remind their beloved Havana to all those who are far away.


“Havana, my Havana, if you knew the pain I feel when I sing to you and you don't understand that this crying is for love”.


4. Hermosa Habana, by Los Zafiros

Performed by a Cuban group from the 1960s, this song is one of the first ones dedicated to Havana to have international success.


“Havana, my song comes to you like moaning violins that only play for you. You can see in your blue sky flying doves as a symbol of peace that is the glory for you Havana, Havana, Havana”.


5. Andar La Habana, by Ireno García

This song will take you through the streets of Havana at night.


“Cross Galiano and rest in the Central Park, Take Obispo, straight to the Cathedral”.


6. La Capital, by Gema Corredera y Pavel Urquiza

A song that turns out to be a perfect image of the Cuban capital. The mix of cultures, daily life, people who come and go and the cars of the 1950s are some of the elements that remind us of Havana.


7. Sábanas Blancas, by Gerardo Alfonso

A song that reflects the contrasts of Havana, a city at once marginal and modern. This song also invites us to a tour of emblematic places in the city.


“Havana, if my eyes abandoned you, if life banished me to a corner of the earth, I swear to you I will die of love and desire to walk your streets and your cities”.


8. Locos por mi Habana, by Manolito Simonet

At night in Havana, it’s time for dancing. It‘ s when Havana’s crazy people go out partying to dance. Who doesn’t want to join them? 


“Because in Havana there's a lot of crazy people like me. Crazy for my music, crazy for my salsa, crazy for my Cuba”.


9. Havana City, by Los Van Van

And we are still dancing to the song Havana City by Los Van Van. That song is a warm welcome to the people who come to visit the city. 


“Welcome to Havana City, that crazy girl, everyone enjoys it”.


10. La Havana si, by Los Van Van 

We are closing the list with another Los Van Van song. This song was written at a time when Cuba was known for its citizen participation. 


“Havana wants, wants to be taken care of, wants to be cared for, Havana wants to be the most beautiful capital of Latin America”.


Do you want to listen to them? Enjoy our exclusive playlist on Spotify with the most beautiful songs dedicated to Havana! 🎵



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