The Best Places You Can Visit in Morocco

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To talk about the best towns to visit in Morocco is to talk about contrasts, cultures, and an infinite amount of landscapes that range from natural to the urbanest scenery, it is to talk about calm and peace environments, but rackety and boisterous ones as well.

It seems difficult to choose the best towns to visit in Morocco, but we´ve made a selection for different tastes. Take a look!

  1. Moulay Idriss

It´s a holy city whose locals are used to welcoming many visitors.

You can find the sanctuary of the Idrisid dynasty (the first to colonize Morocco), an exclusive mosque for Muslims only.

Mt. Zerhoun is the main attraction and you´ll have to journey through its infinite alleys to discover its colors, shops, and monuments, like the round minaret – a unique structure.

Far from the noise, you can also enjoy the best kept Roman ruins in North Africa: Volubilis.

  1. Tinghir

A place full of contrasts between the urban (due to its structure and architectural style) and the natural (because of its green colors, palm grove and flora).

It can be found at the foothills of the Atlas and its downtown area is full of small brown houses that complete a really exotic landscape.

Tinghir maintains a ksar that continues to protect the region: Ait Mhamed.

  1. Ait Ben-Haddou

South of Morocco you can find Ourzazate. In this area you can find the Ounila Valley, where you can visit the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou. These ruins of the fort in the middle of Alto Atlas are well known for having been the perfect scenery for the shooting of many films such as Gladiator.

  1. Chefchaouen

One of the best visits you can plan in Morocco where you´ll be stunned with its charm.

It´s a marvelous blue town, located north of Morocco, full of alleyways, Berber mosques and small craft shops.

There are some theories that try to explain the reason behind the blue color. Some say it´s only a strategy to repel insects, others believe it´s due to religious reasons.

  1. Essaouira

Essaouira is found on the coast, it´s a place where tranquility, coastal beauty, and a mixture of Muslim traits combine with European traits left by the colonists and a medina recognized as World Heritage.

You can find one of the most important ports in the area and enjoy its freshly caught fish, a typical dish

Additionally, it´s very well known by surfers, since a lot of aquatic sports are common here.

  1. Zagora

Located in Draa Valley and surrounded by forts, you can find this city that still keeps its souk, palm grove and the remains of its Almoravid palace. It´s a place growing with tourism because of its rural activities, but, it´s a city where you can enjoy its busy downtown area that keeps its charm from centuries ago.

  1. Merzouga

One of the things you must do at least once in your life is, without a doubt, visit the dunes in Erg Chebbi and marvel at its real castles and sandy landscapes.

Its great mountains of sand reach 150 meters high. A visual spectacle sure to wake your senses.

  1. El Jadida

A coastal zone that seems more Portuguese than Moroccan due to its influence and colonization and that it´s also full of contrasts.

Here you´ll find monuments recognized by the UNESCO such as the impressive fortress of Mazagan, the Cistern, the church of Assumption or its beaches, similar to the ones you can find in the Algarve, a true paradise.

  1. Asilah

In the coastal area, you can find this city of the Moroccan Atlantic coast where a walk can be full of magic and charm as you ponder its beauty, architecture, streets, boardwalk or the people. Here you can also enjoy freshly caught fish at any of the restaurants.

  1. Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech

These are the top three preferred destinations by tourists everywhere.

Marrakech is known as the imperial city, ¨The Pearl of the South¨ and you´ll find its busy Jemma el Fna square full of life during the day or night.

Its souks, medina, its´ fascinating architecture, the mosques and palaces, its abundant vegetation, its smell, sounds and essence are of great interests for any tourist.

Fes is the cradle of the Andalusian culture, its history dates back to the VIII C. It includes numerous monuments and it´s considered a cultural and religious center for Morocco. Especially interesting are the mosques such as the Karaouine Mosque, the Andalusian Mosque, the Medersa Bou Inania, and the beauty of its medina or the crafts you can find there.

Casablanca is the city home to the country´s economic activity and nearly 4 million people, however it is the least touristy.

In its downtown area you can find some architectural wonders that date back to 30 AD. The ancient medina or the Mosque of Hassan II (the biggest one in Maghreb) are a must!

How about it? Are you up for a visit to Morocco?

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