The Chinese New Year begins: are you ready for the year of savings?

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The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival begins on the first day of the lunar year and is considered as one of the most important festivities of the Chinese calendar. This day has managed to gain a world recognition since it is celebrated in Asian countries such as China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore but also in the rest of the world!


One of the biggest closing shows of the so-called Lunar New Year is the famous Dragon Parade. In the eastern culture, the dragon is a symbol of wisdom and wealth. Moreover, some beliefs say that the dragon helps to scare away evil spirits. Nowadays, this eye-catching and colourful parade takes place in more than 130 countries! 




This coming year begins on February 5th, but the preparation began on January 28. It is a celebration full of religious symbolism, prayers, offerings and in which red is the protagonist. Among the most outstanding traditions, we notice that people meet in family to dine the most typical dishes such as Chinese ravioli, they give red envelopes with money to children and they decorate the doors of the houses with the “Chún Lián” or Spring Festival Couplets which are poems about prosperity and abundance. One of the most curious tradition is to thoroughly clean the house the day before the New Year to “sweep away” bad luck. But, beware! Nothing has to be cleaned on New Year’s Day, to not sweep away the good luck that might come into the house! 


The legend of the zodiac  

Each year is represented by an animal of the Chinese zodiac. The most widespread version about the origin of the Chinese horoscope tells that, before dying, the Jade Emperor called all the animals of the earth. He rewarded the first 12 to come, turning them into symbols of the twelves signs of the zodiac: the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the cock, the dog and the pig.

Since them, the communities have adopted the lunar calendar that establishes five cycles of twelve years, each governed by a different animal. What is the animal of this year? Well, it’s the pig! Linked to the earth, the pig is also associated with fertility, virility and family unity. The year of the pig is also considered as the year that will bring economic abundance and savings that are fundamental elements for a good development until the next cycle. So, what’s better than this year to start saving money?


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