We have the recipe to survive Blue Monday!

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We know that you don’t like Mondays, especially when today’s Monday is known by everyone as Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year! But what if we told you that we have the recipe to survive Blue Monday? Discover all the benefits of smiling on this day!


Mondays are usually the most difficult days of the week… You wake up a little drowsy, your hair is a mess and your bed does not seem ready to let you go! Or maybe the contrary? 😜 This Monday is, according to a researcher at Cardiff University, the saddest day of the year. His theory on the famous Blue Monday is based on various variables such as salary, debts, unreached goals or the time that has passed since Christmas. And even though this formula has not been confirmed by experts, if you hear too much about it today, you might end up believing it! That’s why today, more than ever, we want to share with you the recipe to survive Blue Monday: the smile!


A recipe that improves your health!

Smiling has great health benefits you can’t even imagine and now it’s time for you to know about them!

  • It makes you happier: a smile releases endorphins also known as “happiness hormones” which make you feel more optimistic and put you in a better mood. And yes, even on Mondays!
  • It makes you more sociable and confident: without any doubt, the best way to introduce oneself is with a smile! Someone who smiles seems nicer to the others. In this way, a smile will favour acceptance and the building of social relationships but will also increase self-confidence!
  • It reduces stress and pain: the release of endorphins produced when you smile helps to lower the heart rate in stressful situations. To such an extent that some experts recommend smiling at least once when you wake up and once before going to sleep to activate and relax your body. Moreover, it works as a natural painkiller!
  • It helps to exercise: as incredible as it may seem, every time we smile, we move almost 400 muscles! And if you found this fact surprising, wait until you read this one: 20 seconds of laughter equal 3 minutes of physical exercise! So, if you too haven’t reached your goal of going often to the gym lately, laughing seems a good alternative!
  • Smiling is life!: a study published by the journal Psychological Science revealed that those who smile more and think positively live 4 to 6 years longer than the rest of the population. So, what a better day than today to invite you to smile more at life! Besides, you know what is said: smile at life and life will smile back at you!

To help you with this, we have left you a video at the end of the article. You won’t resist the urge to laugh!


A recipe that will benefit your wallet!

At Moneytrans, it is quite clear for us: grey days, big smiles! So, smile at Blue Monday! Our team wants to change the way people see the Blue Monday by doing what we do best: making people smile!

And if there is one thing that makes us all happy, it’s saving money! For that reason and because we want to see you smile and spread that smile to your loved ones, at Moneytrans, we are offering you a FREE money transfer to the country of your choice! Use the promotional code BLUE when making your money transfer on our iMoneytrans website or App and enjoy the amazing promotion that makes people smile all around the world!




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