10 tips to save money on your travels

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[mkd_highlight background_color=”” color=”#1195ff”]Money is always an important issue and is often something that pushes many people away when it comes to travel.[/mkd_highlight]

At Moneytrans we often travel around the world to visit our partners and meet the customers we serve. With more than 300 trips a year it is obvious that we try to save on unnecessary expenses. With good habits and some thoughtful planning we can save a lot of money.


Want to know what we’ve learned over the years? Try our expert travel tips!

[mkd_highlight background_color=”” color=”#1195ff”]BEFORE TRAVELLING[/mkd_highlight]

-Sounds obvious, but… avoid traveling on very popular dates.

The month of August, Christmas, weekends…. These are dates to be avoided. With this you can get a great saving in your bill, both in flights and in accommodation. In case you have no other option, you can save by making several stops and/or mixing companies (known search engines allow you to search for indirect routes that are often a more economical option).


-Did you know that withdrawing money during your trip or paying with your bank card can be an extra cost?

Most banks charge exorbitant fees for this, even for paying directly with it. Paying at retail is a charge of +/- 3% of the amount paid, using an ATM is even more expensive, the charge is around 8%.

You can save a lot on currency exchange if you travel outside the euro zone if you bring the money changed from your home town. Be careful not to fall into the trap of changing it by arriving at the airport, as it is more expensive there and usually offers a lower exchange rate.

In some countries there are “black markets” for foreign exchange, where a more favourable exchange rate is supposed to be obtained. Don’t be fooled either: you run the risk of being swindled, losing your money or worse.


At Moneytrans we estimate that we can save over €2,000 annually on our trips. We are specialists in foreign exchange and can help you with our exclusive service. We exchange more than 80 currencies at our offices, and you can also book them online before your trip.


Check the rates and commissions applied by your institution, with our buying and selling currency service you will be able to compare them and plan your trips abroad better.

However, if you are one of those who only use a credit card or if you prefer to be cautious and carry a second credit card in case the one you normally use fails, we recommend that you use our EasyCard, a prepaid MasterCard.

This card has no activation or maintenance fee! To obtain it you only have to decide the amount you want to top up. Plus, it’s multi-currency, the ideal way to save money on your trip!

-What if you switched… your house?

It is a very different option and you will enjoy all the conveniences of home. Out with the hotel companies and the expensive, soulless rooms.


[mkd_highlight background_color=”” color=”#1195ff”]DURING THE TRIP[/mkd_highlight]

-Melt into the crowd, do what the locals do.

Shop at local supermarkets and cook yourself. To do this, you must of course have a kitchen at your accommodation, otherwise we also offer you the following option:


-Eat in places and restaurants far from tourist areas.

In this way you avoid the extra expense of importing food and the increase in the price of places mainly aimed at tourists. The best part? The authenticity!


– If your trip involves visiting several cities, you can travel at night.

This way you can sleep while you are on the bus, for example. It’s true that it may not be very comfortable, but if you’re adventurous and daring, it’s a big saving… And sometimes great encounters.


– Energy and self-sufficiency.

To get around in the same city, try to walk as much as possible. Go on foot whenever you can. You will see landscapes, details and people that you will not be able to see if you are driving.


– Look closely at the ATMs!

In countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, “white-label” ATMs are common, and are not linked to any bank. In principle, using these ATMs is more expensive, especially at airports and stations.


-Do you like technology?

Perfect, your mobile phone can help you save money. Download free and useful applications for your trip: maps, conversation guides, and even flashlights!


[mkd_highlight background_color=”” color=”#1195ff”]ADDITIONAL TIP[/mkd_highlight]

– In case you are abroad and lose your money or credit card, we remind you that Moneytrans can help you. Thanks to instant money transfer, a friend or family member can send money to you wherever you are in 15 minutes.


To sum up, planning your trip and taking care of the methods of payment is key to avoiding all kinds of unnecessary expenses. Nobody said it was easy, but everyone said it was worth it.


And you, can you tell us your travel saving tricks?

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