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World Children’s Day is celebrated on a day like today, but each and every day of the year must be kept in mind.


World Children’s Day is a date to celebrate the progress made. Since the United Nations established this day in 1954, the promotion of the international union for the welfare and betterment of children has been increasing. All over the world, institutions, structures and legislation have emerged to guarantee something that is common to all children: their rights. These rights focus on fundamental principles: the right to life, survival and development, non-discrimination, respect for the views of the child and the best interests of the child.

But it is also a date for raising awareness of all that remains for us to improve. There are still children who do not enjoy a safe environment in which they have basic access to education, health or even food. Therefore, days like today must serve as an impulse on this path for the protection of children anywhere on the planet. Their future depends on everyone!

Finally, World Children’s Day is a date to remember that we were all children once, that we all had a childhood and an unforgettable memory that marked us forever. And as the children we were – and we still are – it is our responsibility to ensure the rights and protection of the children of those who are now the youngest. Every child should be able to enjoy a happy childhood, free from worry and full of dreams. It is essential in children’s life and it is up to adults to make it a reality!


Moneytrans for visibility

In Moneytrans we want to give visibility to this day by sharing photos of when we were little of our team and great family along with the memory of our childhood that we keep with more affection. Bring out the child you carry within and awareness to those around you that a better world for children is possible!


“My best childhood memories are the moments I spend with my reunited family, parents, grandparents, cousins, at my paternal grandmother’s house.

Simple and simply the feeling of being safe, protected and happy playing as a child”. – David Ávila Sánchez, Agent Care Specialist & Own Offices Commercial Manager


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“Seeing this photograph makes me go back in time with a certain nostalgia and remember with special affection those summers of my childhood enjoying an afternoon of beach in la misericordia (Málaga), with all my family. This memory tastes like peach juice in a can from “La Verja” and a bag of fries from “Casa Paco”, all mixed with some sand from the beach”.😁 – Alberto Quintant, Sales Director


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“A memory that I keep with great affection is that of the day of my communion. My parents proposed me that I make a small list of gifts that I would like and from that list they would choose only one. So since I was clear and didn’t want to risk it, I wrote ten times on my list: “a dog, a dog, a dog…”. There was no escape! 😜 And although after a few weeks I was told that it was not going to be possible, on the day of my communion they appeared with a little white dog that today is the joy of the house. Nobody gets rid of a good welcome dog at home!

It was a day in which we all ended up very excited and we spent it with family, maybe that’s why I keep remembering it with the same affection as so many years ago!” – Adriana Vázquez, Digital Marketing Trainee


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“What I remember most from my childhood were the moments I spent with my parents and my sister. There was no “special” day, because practically everyone was.

During the week, after school, both of them dedicated all their time to their children, what wonderful snacks in which you learned with ‘Barrio Sesamo’ on TV, while you played and talked about everything with them! Or when we’d go to the “Venta Las Navas”, and we’d spend almost an entire Sunday there!

We also loved to spend hours at home with board games, parcheesi type, cards, lottery, etc. Sometimes they were an “excuse” to talk at length about something that someone needed to talk about, but I also loved the moments of playing alone, with my Playmobils collection and that first computer with which I learned and played, in equal parts.

Of course, it was also a pleasure to go down to the street to play soccer with friends from the neighborhood, My wooden Superman skateboard and my roller skates were my favorites in the street, apart from the ball. Marbles, wooden spinning tops and veneers were our main entertainments on the quietest days.

I was happy, I loved to learn things in school and got very good grades. I loved to know and discover, especially aspects of science and maths”. – José Antonio Gaitán Rivas, Senior IT Developer


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“When I was very young, we spent every summer in a small village on the coast of Malaga, Rincón de La Victoria. There we shared a house with my parents, uncles, cousins, brother… and we always had some fun.

I will never forget those family dinners, where suddenly several neighbours appeared in the courtyard of the house and we didn’t stop laughing, playing, talking… I even remember our conversations of that time; “in the year 2000 we will go in flying cars…”, we always liked to dream.

I remember coming home from the beach with a barbecue waiting for us, I remember hearing the ice cream truck siren, uf, how we ran to the street as soon as that music sounded, I remember a truck wheel with which we played in the sea water, the music of Bon Jovi, Queen or Heroes of Silence always playing at home, the football matches anywhere with a goal made of two stones…, we were very happy and we found the fun with the simplest things, how one misses them!

I must admit that on many occasions I still walk through that area so as not to forget those moments and feel like a child again for a moment”.😜 – David Coronado, Customer Service Manager Spain




“My childhood memory is the mornings of Three Kings Day, when my mommy woke me up with more illusion than I did myself.” – Ana Gabriela Melero, Call Center Agent.




“This picture is one of my favorites from when I was a baby. Although one of the best memories I have of my childhood was when my grandparents came from Orense to spend Christmas with us here in Málaga. Good times! Happy World Children’s Day to all!” – Victor Hernandez, Account Department.




“I come from a large family, it was difficult to find a photo where I was alone, or almost alone. This photo is taken in a farmhouse of my grandparents in Albacete, near “La Gineta”, a village near the capital. Undoubtedly the most beautiful memories are of the summers there: bicycles, sunflower fields, corn, sprinklers and many adventures”. – Luis Quijada, CTO




[mkd_blockquote text=”‘What you love in childhood stays in your heart forever’ – Rousseau.” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]



At Moneytrans we firmly believe that a better world is possible. Every child has the right to grow up in an environment where they feel safe and secure, have access to basic services and clean air and water, can play, learn and grow and where their voice is heard and matters. Today on World Children’s Day, we bet on human value and support for the best causes. Education is one of the main issues to which we pay special attention. And it is no coincidence that we are in Malaga, a child-friendly city!


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