What does Ramadan mean?: Our colleagues respond!

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Without a doubt, Ramadan is the most special Muslim celebration. It celebrates the moment when God revealed the Koran to Muhammad and holds a very important place in the Muslim faith. Today our Moneytrans companions tell us what this holy month means to them and how they celebrate it with their loved ones!


What does Ramadan mean to you?

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of our religion, it is a sacred month for us and for all Muslims because it is the month when our prophet received his first revelation of the Koran. It is an opportunity for us to repent of our sins and to reflect on life and put ourselves in the shoes of those most in need.


How and with whom do you celebrate?

Ramadan is mandatory for us healthy people who have reached puberty. Although children, elderly and sick people, menstruating or pregnant women or people who are travelling are not obliged to do so. In my case I celebrate it with my wife and encourage my young children to practice it from time to time, even if it means that they fast half the day, motivating them with little gifts so that they can gradually get used to it and can do it without any problem when they grow up. We usually take the Suhoor before the first morning prayer (the fajr) and then we avoid drinking, eating, smoking or anything else that could incur a sin for the rest of the day until sunset.


How do the little ones in the house experience it?

For the children it is something different and a new experience, it is a challenging moment because most of them tend to boast that they can hold out longer than the others, although many times they lie because they are usually hiding somewhere to eat sweets. But their favorite moment is the iftar time when they break their fast because they enjoy eating typical cakes made for the occasion.

Any special dish or food?

Normally Ramadan has a special diet based on fruits and light foods rich in energy like salads and soups like the famous Harira and also juices. What is not usually missing from a table are dates because they help a lot to recover the energy spent during the day. As special dishes we hav the meat and plum tajine or the fish tajine.


Ramadan dish- Moneytrans Blog


What do you do to feel closer to your loved ones?

Thank God the current means at our disposal make us feel much closer to our loved ones than before: through a call from Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, etc. We can contact them and see them at the same time because in this way you can exchange other information through gestures or signs that complement what words cannot transmit,


A greeting or a message!

Well, the original and usual: Ramadan Mubarak Karim.


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This Ramadan, sending is sharing!

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