Women’s Day in South Africa: Join us!

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Today is a day to celebrate the brave acts of ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of South Africa and the rest of the world. Today is a day to recognize the efforts of thousands of people struggling to bridge the gender gap. Today is a day to celebrate the achievements that have been made, but also to appeal for all those we still have to achieve. Today is Women’s Day in South Africa. Join us!   


For nearly 30 years, the United Nations General Assembly has invited governments, organizations and citizens of the world to celebrate and be aware of Women’s Day in South Africa every August 9th. This day represents an opportunity to make the world’s society see the importance of contributing organizations and assistance to refugee women and children in South Africa. You can also contribute!  


A march for equality    

This date reminds us that we have the power to change the situations of inequality that surround us. That’s what a group of women did in 1956, they helped change South Africa’s history!

At that time, South Africa was living apartheid. The government imposed a ” law of passes” by which men of color would have restricted access to specific areas and would need to be accredited with a special pass, otherwise they would be arrested. This created a huge gap between South Africans. However, the situation was aggravated when this “pass law” was extended to women of colour. For this reason, thousands of women of all races marched in front of the Union buildings to protest against discriminatory laws and for a South Africa where the fundamental rights of freedom, justice and security were paramount for each and every South African. This march has been celebrated since 1995 as Women’s Day across the country in recognition of the important role that women’s activism played in South Africa’s progress. South African society will always be indebted to the actions that marked the path to equality in the country, but above all, South African society can always be proud of those women who empowered themselves and raised their voices for the rights of an entire country.  


Change begins with you     

Change begins with ordinary people who are not conformed to inequalities and injustices and decide to take a step forward. Stories such as the one that causes this special date are those that show us that change is possible. That is why we at Moneytrans are calling for change in honour of all those heroines who have contributed to equality and who inspire us every day on this way!  


“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. – Nelson Mandela


At iMoneytrans, we are committed to women’s empowerment, equality and the fight against discrimination. That is why we want to join this special day for South Africans around the world by giving a FREE money transfer to South Africa until September 6th! Do you want to know how to get it? We will explain it to you 

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