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On World Dog Day, the Moneytrans team wants to pay tribute to the “man’s best friend”.


There is no clear answer as to the origin of this special day, but it is obvious that the 21st of July, World Dog Day, is undoubtedly a very important day for dog lovers.

The prestigious magazine “Science” dedicated a special edition to the shared history between men and dogs, compiling studies that over the centuries tried to explain the origin of this particular friendship.

Discoveries more than 12,000 years old show that at that time, there was already a strong link between people and dogs, and it was the dogs who approached man to create a protective relationship in exchange for better diet.

Since then they have been an inseparable part of the history of humanity, becoming watchmen, policemen, shepherds, players, firefighters, competitors, hunters and fishermen, companions, guides, walkers of people, but above all friends.

They are the most faithful animals, thanks to them our lives are more full of love and affection, but also help us to improve our lives as they bring a great number of benefits to their owners.


1- You are less ill:

The abusive use of disinfectants, antibiotics, etc., is now widespread. It is making us weaker against germs, as our body stops building natural defenses against them.

By having a dog in the house, you are more exposed to germs, and this fact helps the body generate more defenses and therefore, make you sick less and even help us have fewer allergies since we are babies. But don’t forget to wash it once in a while.



2-You’re happier:

If you’ve got a dog, you’ve noticed, you’re happier. Dogs help against depression, and can even help much more than medication in cases of clinical depression.

Receiving the love of a dog helps people stay positive, just looking at them has an increase in oxytocin, a substance that makes your brain feel good.




3- More exercise and social life:

Having a dog means taking it for a walk, which helps us meet the recommended amount of 30 minutes of exercise a day. In addition, going out for a walk with your dog makes you interact with other people who have dogs and establish social bonds.




4-Less stress:

A large number of studies have shown that dogs reduce stress levels. Just petting your dog, playing with him, or feeling his affection helps to reduce stress levels.

More and more companies are becoming aware of this fact, and are allowing dogs to be carried to work, to help workers suffer less stress.




For all those who are thinking of extending their family with a canine member, congratulations, you are one step closer to being much happier. But let us not forget that even though there are few of us, we have obligations to our faithful friends.

Feed them twice a day, take them for a couple of walks a day, vaccinate them and give them lots of love. And for those who think they can’t afford it, the average annual cost of a dog is 817€, a very cheap price for everything they give in return.

And remember, if you want to go on vacation this summer and can’t take your dog with you, talk to a friend who has dogs, he’ll do you a favor and take care of it. If you can’t find someone, many vets enjoy good nursery care at a very low price. 




If you prefer to stay with your dog during the summer, there are more and more hotels that allow dogs, just look them up online. But never forget to take care of him this summer as much as he does of you all his life.

And you know, today in the World Dog Day, celebrate it with your best friend, giving him his favorite food, playing with him while you take a good walk, and above all, loving him as much as he loves you.

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