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Send money to more than 140 countries in a matter of minutes? It’s possible with Moneytrans! Whether you are a private individual or a company, make your online international transfers and take advantage of the best commissions now! Better than a bank! We offer you a world of possibilities!
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How can I send money via HomeTransfer?

Hometransfer is the easiest way to send money without leaving your home. Just a few simple steps to make your transfer to wherever you want and we make sure that your money reaches its destination reliably and easily.

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Send us the form

Send us the form and the duly signed contract together with your identity document/Passport

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We contact you

On receiving your paperwork, we get in touch with you immediately to inform you of your personal ‘easy send’ code.

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Make the deposit

You can make a deposit or transfer into one of our bank accounts (The details of our bank accounts are below)

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You’ve almost finished!

When you make the deposit or transfer, contact us by telephone on 951 01 55 01 or e-mail

Call us to find out about today’s super rate!

Call us now and one of our agents will tell you about the best options and prices for your transfer!

You can call us on 951015501 or, if you prefer, via email

We will take care of speeding up the process and do a personalized follow-up in order to coordinate the payment in a quick way.

Here are all of our account details for you to make a transfer from home


ES03 2103 0173 7000 3001 6741


ES42 2100 8641 6502 0005 6311


ES43 2013 1654 1102 0018 6315


(Accounts with IBAN included)

The bank deposits should include the following information: (Personal client code+name of recipient+total amount of the deposit)

Moneytrans makes your life easier.… Download the HomeTransfer form with one click!