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Send money to more than 140 countries in a matter of minutes? It’s possible with Moneytrans! Whether you are a private individual or a company, make your online international transfers and take advantage of the best commissions now! Better than a bank! We offer you a world of possibilities!
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iMoneytrans is easy

Anybody with access to internet can use this service. Try it yourself!

iMoneytrans is so easy, you don’t have to go to an office and you can make all your arrangements wherever you like and in total privacy. Furthermore, the service is available 24/7 via your computer or tablet. It’s always available!

iMoneytrans is fast

In a matter of minutes!

Your money will reach its destination in a matter of minutes. Both you and the recipient will receive confirmation of payment via SMS. All of this in three simple steps!

iMoneytrans is cheap

Our best service!

In Moneytrans we are constantly revising our prices in order to offer you the cheapest prices in the market, with a guaranteed exchange rate

iMoneytrans is safe

We offer you a 100% guarantee!

iMoneytrans is a financial institution which is duly authorized and supervised by the regulators and is associated with the industry leaders in order to process your payments safely.

iMoneytrans is reliable

We have 20 years of experience behind us

The iMoneytrans service is backed by the Moneytrans group, which has been serving clients for more than 20 years, moving close to one thousand million per year

How to send money via iMoneytrans?

iMoneytrans is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way of sending money without leaving your home. You only need to connect to our website for transfers and send it from there in three easy steps. We take care of sending your money to its destination in a matter of minutes.

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Check the cost of your transfer

Go on-line and check the cost of your transfer in a matter of seconds. You only have to select the country to which you want to send the money and the amount.

acceso a plataforma

Select the recipient

Now you only have to fill in the details of the person who will receive the money. You can select a previous recipient or create a new one immediately.

Sala de Mercado de Divisas

Confirm and it’s done!

Check the details and, if they’re correct, confirm the process to pay the transfer. You can do it via debit or credit card or payment into an account.

At the same time we will give you a tracking number to be passed onto the recipient. You can also receive it by e-mail and/or SMS and you can track it at all times.

Connect now to our safe webpage and take advantage of our service!

Send money online
Learn about all the payment options of iMoneytrans here

Our payment options include:

Payment with any debit card, Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Your payment will be processed instantly, using 3D Secure technology, and you will receive confirmation via e-mail or SMS.

You can also pay by bank transfer or via electronic money operator, using our on-line platform. Your request will be processed once we confirm the receipt of your funds (between 1 and 48 hours)

How does the recipient receive the money?
Puedes retirar tu dinero en efectivo

Payment in cash

puedes recibir tu dinero en cuenta bancaria

Directly to a Bank Account

recibir dinero directamente en tu movil

Directly to a Mobile Telephone

recibir dinero en tu propia casa

Directly at home

We are constantly innovating so that your relatives can choose the best option for them:

  1. Receive it in cash

With Moneytrans you can always choose to pay in cash which makes it easier for the recipient. With this option, you can collect the money as soon as the giro is completed. Check here our list of offices and collaborating banks in the country you want!

  1. Directly into the recipient’s bank account

With iMoneytrans you can send money directly to the recipient’s bank account. This service is called BANK DEPOSIT and the funds will be available within 1 to 3 working days, depending on the country to which they are sent.

Check here whether the service of payment into a bank account is activated in the country you wish, and the necessary information

  1. Directly to a mobile telephone (electronic wallet)

You can send money directly to a mobile telephone, a fast, safe and easy service; freedom for the recipient who can withdraw money, pay bills, pay in shops, buy-send call credits or balance depending on the country.

Make sure that the recipient has activated a Mobile Wallet with one of our associated mobile operators in their country.

The recipient will receive a confirmation SMS message when the money is deposited.

Check here the countries and the available mobile networks.

  1. Directly to the recipient’s house, Home Delivery service.

Your money, directly to the recipient’s address.  Check with your agency Moneytrans as to which countries allow this method of delivery.

Do you want to know about other ways of sending money which meet your needs?

Ways of sending money

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