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Privacy Policy

Moneytrans Payment Services S.A. - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Intoduction

This Privacy Policy, sets out the way MONEYTRANS collects and processes personal data about the users of its Internet website. Together with the General Terms of Use of the MONEYTRANS website, it forms the legal relationship between MONEYTRANS and the Website users.

MONEYTRANS is the trading name of MONEYTRANS PAYMENT SERVICES, a financial corporation registered in Belgium under number BE.449.356.557, with its head office established at 5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels (Belgium). MONEYTRANS PAYMENT SERVICES (“MONEYTRANS”) is duly authorised as a Payment Institution by the National Bank of Belgium and is supervised by the latter (

MONEYTRANS commits to protecting the privacy of the individuals using its Internet website (hereinafter also referred to as “the Website users”) in accordance with the applicable legislation, in particular the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of privacy and its executive decrees.

Solely by accessing the Moneytrans website, the website user declares having read this Privacy Policy and authorises MONEYTRANS to process, in accordance with the present provisions, data of a personal nature communicated via the Moneytrans website. We therefore recommend to the website users to carefully read this Privacy Policy and to refrain from using our online services if they disagree with the terms set out in this document.

MONEYTRANS reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and commits to informing the users of any changes by posting a clear notice on the Moneytrans website. The users may object to any changes made in the use of their personal data by contacting the Customer service of MONEYTRANS, as set out in section 10.

Collection of Personal Data

MONEYTRANS collects data of a private nature relating to the individuals using its website solely through the channel of its website or in connection with the use of the online services provided on it. When the users visit the Moneytrans website, submit data via an online form, make an online transaction, take part in a survey or in a contest or speak to the MONEYTRANS staff about the use of the website or the online services, they transmit any or all of the following personal data about them:

  • Full name, address of residence, email address, telephone number, date of birth and details relating to the identity document ;
  • Bank account details or details about the payment card(s) used on the Internet website;
  • Proof of identity, proof of address, proof of funds and/or any document evidencing the purpose of the transactions made via the Moneytrans website (as may be required);
  • Identification data of the final recipients of the products or services ordered online;
  • Details of all transactions carried out through the website.

In addition to the interactive communication means available on the Moneytrans website, which allow to collect personal information about the users, the website also uses cookies to gather additional data about its users, such as:

  • The IP address of their computer,
  • The brand and versions of the operating system and of the browser software used on their computer;
  • The detail about the visits on the Moneytrans website as well as on third-party websites accessed via links embedded on the Moneytrans website.

Cookies are generated by the server of the Moneytrans website and are stored on the computer of the website users for a limited period. Data retrieved via cookies is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the Moneytrans website, by allowing the webpages to display correctly on the computer of the user. Cookies also help to authenticate registered users and to customize user sessions, but they do not collect any personal data about the users individually. For more information about the use of cookies by MONEYTRANS, please refer to our Policy on Cookie Use.

Use of Personal Data

Personal data collected about the users of the Moneytrans website is solely used for the following purposes:

  • To deliver the products and services ordered online ;
  • To receive payments from the website users;
  • To comply with MONEYTRANS’ legal obligations relating to the identification of its customers and the prevention of the illegal use of its services for money laundering or terrorism financing purposes;
  • To provide assistance to the customers in case of problems, questions or complaints regarding the website or the online services;
  • To notify the customers about changes to the online products and services ;
  • To administer the user accounts and to conduct overall customer management;
  • To conduct direct marketing actions, including by sending emails informing the users about other products and services that may interest them;
  • To carry out studies and surveys about the use of the website and the online services.
Transmission of Personal Data

Personal data collected about the Moneytrans website users is not intended to be communicated to third parties other than:

  • Those individuals designated for such purposes by the website user;
  • The employees of MONEYTRANS responsible for processing private data and online transactions, and,
  • Where applicable, other companies of the MONEYTRANS Group and/or third party companies whose intervention is necessary or useful to deliver the products and services ordered on line, or to achieve any other of the purposes set out in section 3.

In the case where personal data is transmitted to a third-party company established in a non-EU state, which does not provide an adequate level of private data protection, MONEYTRANS still ensures that such data is processed with the utmost confidentiality, by means of appropriate provisions included in the bilateral agreements concluded with the relevant third-party companies.

By using the Moneytrans website, the users consent to the sharing of personal data collected about them in line with the provisions set out here above, between the companies of the MONEYTRANS group, as well as with third-party companies whose intervention is necessary or useful to achieve any of the purposes defined in section 3.

Other Disclosures

MONEYTRANS does not sell personal information collected about the users of the Moneytrans website. However, it reserves the right to disclose personal data concerning its website users to other third-parties, in any of the following cases, in line with the applicable legislation:

  • If MONEYTRANS or a substantial portion of its assets is sold to a third-party ;
  • If MONEYTRANS –or a third-party company to which private data has been legally transferred- is required to disclose to a judicial or regulatory authority, private data about the customers of online financial services provided by MONEYTRANS, in line with the regulations governing the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism;
  • When the website user has agreed to receive information about products and services delivered by third party companies being partners of MONEYTRANS;
  • In order to protect the intellectual property rights of MONEYTRANS or to enforce any other provision governing the contractual relation with the users of the Moneytrans website;
  • When the website user has been referred to the Moneytrans website by a third-party to which MONEYTRANS owes a commission as a result of the referral ;
  • When MONEYTRANS employs third-parties to provide the products or services ordered via its Internet website.

In the aforementioned cases, MONEYTRANS however ensures that the relevant third-parties have only a limited access to personal data, as may be required to perform the task justifying the data disclosure, and/or that they do not exchange or use the data for any other purposes, where indicated by means of appropriate contractual provisions.

Right to Access and to Amend Personal Data

The Moneytrans website users can access at any time data relating to them and/or request to modify, to correct or to delete personal information that has been previously communicated to MONEYTRANS.

The website users may exercise this right either directly, by editing and amending their personal information, which is available in the section “My Account” on the Moneytrans website, or by contacting MONEYTRANS via one of the communication means set out in Section 10. MONEYTRANS shall endeavour to promptly process any such request placed by a website user in view of amending or deleting private data held with MONEYTRANS.

However, the website users acknowledge that, in the case where they refuse to provide personal data needed to execute their orders placed online, or that they request the deletion of their personal data previously collected by MONEYTRANS, this may result, according to the case, in MONEYTRANS not being able to enter into, or to maintain a contractual relationship with the user, or to execute a transaction requested by the website user.

Communication with the Website Users

The users of the Moneytrans website may receive transactional emails generated by the website and which aim to confirm an online order, to notify the receipt -or failure- of a payment, to confirm a password change or to take stock of any other relevant operation performed by the website user. Such transactional emails are necessary to administer the users’ accounts and to process orders placed for online products or services. Where indicated, such communication may also be channelled via an SMS sent to the mobile number of the registered website user.

The website users may also receive newsletters or other forms of publicity send by email or by SMS, informing them of promotions, special offers or new products proposed by MONEYTRANS or by its affiliated or partner companies. In line with the terms set out in section 6, the website user may choose at any time to opt out from receiving such newsletters, by connecting to their MONEYTRANS Account and by changing the settings regarding the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. Any newsletter that the registered website users will receive by email shall equally give them the option to unsubscribe from future newsletters.

Security of Private Data

In order to protect the security and integrity of the private data of its users, the Moneytrans website relies on a secured Internet connection using the « Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology. This technology ensures that all communication taking place between the Moneytrans website and the computer of the users is encrypted and hence protected against external attempts to steal personal data.

The identity of the Moneytrans website is moreover certified by an external Authority, which guarantees its security via the label «HTPPS».

Such security measures can however only be effective if the website users themselves follow certain precautionary measures aimed at protecting their personal data on the Internet, such as those listed hereafter.

Measures to Keep Your Personal Data Safe on the Internet
  1. Never share your personal login details to the Moneytrans website with anyone ;
  2. Choose a strong password that cannot be easily guessed and includes a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols;
  3. Do not use the same password across all the websites you register with;
  4. Reset your password regularly (for instance: every three months);
  5. Never write down your password;
  6. Sign out from your account when you leave the Moneytrans website;
  7. Install an antivirus software on your computer and keep its version up to date;
  8. Never enter personal information on a website whose connection is not secure (a connection can be deemed secure if the website address shows the label “HTTPS” in the browser bar) ;
  9. Never answer to an email asking for your login details or payment information. Such fraudulent emails, also called “phishing emails” aim at stealing your personal login information and financial data, possibly by directing you to a counterfeited website. MONEYTRANS will never send to its registered website users such emails. Similarly, our Customer Service will never contact you by telephone to ask you to provide such sensitive information orally.
  10. Transactional email generated by the Moneytrans website or sent by our Customer service always use the extension Immediately delete from your mailbox and do not open any attachment included in an email claimed to be sent out by MONEYTRANS, and which would not have that extension.

Registered users of the MONEYTRANS website must additionally follow the security measures set out in the General Terms of Use of the MONEYTRANS website, which define more specifically their obligations in relation to preventing the unauthorised use of their personal access codes to the Moneytrans website.

Retention of Personal Data

In line with the applicable legislation, MONEYTRANS has the obligation to retain records on the transaction history of its website users for a period of five years after their processing. The details of such transactional records include the personal identification data of the customers of the financial services provided online and of their designated beneficiaries, where applicable. However, MONEYTRANS only retains data enabling to identify the parties to financial transactions performed online, excluding other personal information relating to the website users, such as their login details or the details relating to the payment cards used on the website.

MONEYTRANS Contact Details

Any question or request about this Privacy Policy should be communicated to the Customer Service of MONEYTRANS through one of the following means:

  • By letter sent to: MONEYTRANS, 5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • By email sent to:
  • By calling us at: +32 2 227 18 20
Informativa sul Trattamento dei Dati Personali
Moneytrans Payment Services S.A., con sede legale a Bruxelles, Boulevard de Waterloo 77, Box 1, tel. +3222271820, e-mail (di seguito anche “Società” o “Titolare”).
1.1 – Finalità contrattuale: i dati personali verranno trattati per finalità connesse all’instaurazione e alla gestione del rapporto contrattuale (esecuzione del servizio di rimessa di denaro – money transfer).
1.2 – Obblighi di legge: adempimento di obblighi di legge legati alla conservazione, informazione e comunicazione previsti dalle normative vigenti in Italia e nei Paesi di destinazione del danaro, con particolare riguardo alla legislazione antiriciclaggio, e per adempiere a disposizioni emanate dalle autorità di controllo o vigilanza.
1.3 – Finalità di marketing: solo dietro Suo consenso, invio con modalità automatizzate di contatto (come sms, WhatsApp ed e-mail) e tradizionali (come telefonate con operatore e posta tradizionale), di newsletter, comunicazioni promozionali e commerciali relative a servizi/prodotti offerti dalla Società, nonché realizzazione di studi di mercato e analisi statistiche.
2.1 – Finalità contrattuale: esecuzione di un contratto di lavoro di cui Lei è parte.
2.2 – Obblighi di legge: necessità di adempiere obblighi legali cui è soggetto il Titolare.
2.3 – Finalità di marketing: consenso (facoltativo e revocabile in qualsiasi momento).
3.1 – Finalità contrattuale e obblighi di legge: per tutta la durata contrattuale e, dopo la cessazione, per 10 anni.
3.2 – Finalità di marketing: sino alla revoca del consenso per tale finalità.
Per le finalità di cui ai punti 1.1 e 1.2 potranno essere raccolte e trattate le seguenti tipologie di dati personali: dati anagrafici, dati di contatto e dati amministrativo-contabili.
Per le finalità di cui al punto 1.3 potranno essere raccolte e trattate le seguenti tipologie di dati personali: dati anagrafici e dati di contatto.
Il conferimento dei dati personali di cui al punto 4 per le finalità di cui al punto 1.1 ed 1.2 è obbligatorio. Il rifiuto di fornire i suddetti dati personali non consente, pertanto, la possibilità di usufruire dei servizi della Società.
Il conferimento dei dati personali di cui al punto 4 per le finalità di cui al punto 1.3 è facoltativo e vincolato al Suo consenso.
I dati potranno essere oggetto di trasferimento all’estero, sia nell’ambito del territorio di Paesi appartenenti all’Unione Europea, sia verso Paesi terzi rispetto all’Unione Europea, esclusivamente nei casi strettamente necessari alla fornitura del servizio o imposti dalla normativa vigente.
I dati possono essere comunicati a soggetti operanti in qualità di titolari del trattamento, fra cui, in particolare, autorità ed organi di vigilanza e controllo ed in generale soggetti, pubblici o privati, legittimati a richiedere i dati.
I dati potranno essere trattati, per conto del Titolare, da soggetti designati come responsabili del trattamento, fra cui, in particolare, Money Trans Italia Srl, con sede legale a Milano, viale Monza 1, 20125 (tel. 02.2870125), nonché dagli agenti convenzionati con Moneytrans Payment Services S.A., ai quali Lei si rivolge per la fornitura del servizio.
I dati potranno essere trattati dai dipendenti delle funzioni aziendali deputate al perseguimento delle finalità sopra indicate, che sono stati espressamente autorizzati al trattamento dal Titolare e che hanno ricevuto adeguate istruzioni operative.
Lei può chiedere alla Società, anche via e-mail all’indirizzo, l’accesso ai dati che la riguardano, la loro cancellazione, la rettifica dei dati inesatti, l’integrazione dei dati incompleti, la limitazione del trattamento nei casi previsti dall’art. 18 del GDPR, nonché l’opposizione al trattamento nelle ipotesi di legittimo interesse della Società.
Inoltre, nel caso in cui il trattamento sia basato sul consenso o sul contratto e sia effettuato con strumenti automatizzati, Lei ha il diritto di ricevere in un formato strutturato, di uso comune e leggibile da dispositivo automatico i Suoi dati personali, nonché, se tecnicamente fattibile, di trasmetterli ad altro titolare senza impedimenti.
Ha il diritto di proporre reclamo all’Autorità di controllo competente nello Stato membro in cui risiede abitualmente o lavora o dello Stato in cui si è verificata la presunta violazione.