Save the Children

“Education does not change the world, it changes the people who are going to change the world”

Making Children Smile!

How does Moneytrans collaborate with Save the Children?

Moneytrans is a partner company within the UNIDOS program of Save The Children. Thanks to this program, we help millions of children to access school, to improve the quality of education, to maintain this quality even when their countries suffer an emergency or a conflict, and help to make school a safe, healthy and inclusive environment.

We Promote Social Work

We help Save The Children to raise awareness of the problems that affect the most disadvantaged children, to promote actions that help change it and to generate a movement in defense of children.

Periodic Donations

We believe that a better world is possible. For this reason, we place special emphasis to reinforce our commitment with the causes that matter to us, gathering efforts to generate economic resources through periodic donations.

We Involve Other People

Moneytrans knows that together we can achieve great challenges and, therefore, we foster the spirit of collaboration among team members and involve our partners and customers.

Inclusive Education

Our partnership with Save The Children allows us to contribute our bit to the ‘Inclusive Education’ program.

Despite the advances, 58 million children from around the world do not have access to education. But also, even within the educational system, many of them face exclusion, attending segregated institutions, suffering some kind of discrimination in the classroom or learning from teachers without the ability or, in many cases, without the will to respond to diversity of their educational needs.

The ‘Inclusive Education’ program is committed to an educational model in which all children learn together, regardless of their personal, social or cultural conditions, and in which children with the highest risk of exclusion can opt for the same opportunities. learning and development than the rest of the children.

What do we do to help children from Congo?

Discover the actions and projects that Moneytrans carries out within the ‘Unidos’ program of Save the Children. Discover what you can do! … Join us and change the world!

Join the challenge!

Together, we can make life better for millions of children

How does Save The Children work?

These are some of the actions that Save The Children carries out within the ‘Inclusive Education’ program.

“At Save The Children we work to promote fully inclusive educational environments, both from the point of view of access and learning. We promote measures so that children with disabilities can attend and participate in school with the rest of the children; we train teachers so that they can support the special learning of these children and we finance the infrastructures that make the schools fully accessible places. We elaborate materials and measures so that children from different ethnic minority groups have access to books in their native languages and that the lack of proper documents does not prevent migrant children from attending school. We support families with less economic resources so that they can afford the expenses of their children’s education and we influence governments, at all levels, with the aim that educational plans consider inclusion as a priority”.