Smile School Congo

“We want to contribute our small grain of sand by spreading this initiative to remove the conscience of the people and appeal to their solidarity”

Dreams have no limits!

Smile School Project (Congo)

Moneytrans supports education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and collaborates directly with the school Lycée M’Elisa. A school created in 2003 by Madame Elisabeth Betty Mweya Tol’Ande in her efforts to promote quality education and the rights of those who need it most.

Quality Education

Despite being a fundamental right, 130 million children do not receive a quality education. We strive to improve access to education for children in the most vulnerable situations.

A Quality School

We strive for the Lycée M’Elisa school to meet the needs of children. We help to reinforce educational environments in which children and teachers feel safe and protected.

Quality Materials

Millions of children have to learn with books that are written in a language they can not read. Therefore, we strive to offer teachers and students quality teaching materials.

The history of the school

The Lycée M’Elisa school was created in 2003 by Madame Elisabeth Betty Mweya Tol’Ande in her efforts to promote quality education and the rights of those who need it most.

The school Lycée M’Elisa was created in the commune of Lingwala, and more specifically in Kalembelembe Avenue 275. A large educational space was created that includes the following options: kindergarten, primary, secondary and specialization in humanities.

Madame Elisabeth Betty is the true promoter of the school, but for us and for all the families she helps is much more than that: she is a real heroine. Her vocation is to provide children from low-income households with a quality education. As a result, these children will also have access to a quality education.

Read the emotional letter from Madame Elisabeth Betty HERE.

What do we do to help children from Congo?

Discover our SMILE SCHOOL challenge and join us. Help us to get it!

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Let’s help the Mweya Elisa school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Do you join the challenge?

Here are some of the children of the school. Those who are at a higher risk ofleaving the school system after 2018. This video was filmed days after the opening. You can feel the energy and joy of all the children celebrating their new school, and we share their hope that these better school conditions are a step towards better learning.

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Dreams have no limits

“Dreams have no limits because you are not alone”: we can do a lot but we can do a lot more if we join forces. Do you accept the challenge?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country where it is difficult to be a child. In this country, the poorest in the world according to the IMF, more than half of the adult population never attended school or did not pass the primary cycle. And for good reason, the vast majority of Congolese live with $ 1 / day or 1,000 FC; How could they pay tuition with an average of $ 150 per year?

Education represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of children, families, communities and nations around the world. This is the surest way out of poverty. Because with a solid education, new generations can find solutions at the local level and improve their own world. Help us achieve a quality education!