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Family comes first, so sending your money transfers to Togo with Moneytrans not only saves you time and money, but also brings peace of mind.

As easy as registering for free in 5 minutes and sending your money, your money will be delivered to its destination in a few minutes!

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We work with the safest banks and payer networks in the world

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How to register and start sending money online

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Sending money online is cheaper and safer than ever before. And with travel restrictions across the world, there’s no better way to bring you closer to your loved ones.


What makes iMoneytrans the world’s best money transfer app?

  • You can register in just 5 minutes .
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Free to download.
  • Calculate the fee with the click of a button before sending.
  • Your data is safe and secure.
  • Easy to track your transfer at any time.

Send money instantly anywhere, anytime. 

Why choose Moneytrans

Awarded Best Money Transfer Company

For its speed and reliable service

+20 years of experience

+ 10,000,000 customers trust in us

Great value rates

90% cheaper than a bank

We're where you need us to be

Available 7/7 in your language

Extensive network

140 countries & + 450,000 payment locations

Awarded Best Money Transfer Company

For its speed and reliable service

+ 20 years of experience

More than 10,000,000 customers trust in us

Great value rates

90% cheaper than a bank

We're where you need us to be

Available 7/7 and in your language

Extensive network

140 countries & + 450,000 payment locations

How can I send money to Togo from France?

Everyone is different! So, we are pleased to be able to offer you two sending options so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Both have one thing in common: they are very easy and totally secure.

Branches near you

In Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg or Cannes… We have multiple branches located in the main cities of France where you can go to make your transfer with the personalised assistance of our specialists, in your language, 365 days a year.

Online transfers

Easy, safe, and without leaving home! Register for free on our website or app, follow 3 simple steps and your money will arrive in Togo instantly.

How and where can the money be collected?

We know that it is important for you to be able to choose. Discover the options your beneficiary has for receiving money in Togo.

Collect cash at an authorised payment point

Envoyez de l’argent à plus de 6 500 points de paiement dans tout le pays. Grâce à cette option, le bénéficiaire peut récupérer l’argent dès que le transfert est effectué.

Délai de livraison de 1 heure (selon le correspondant).

Bank deposit

Envoyez de l’argent directement sur le compte bancaire de votre destinataire.Le délai de livraison dépend de la banque concernée : entre 48 et 72 heures.Les banques suivantes sont disponibles :

Pour le retrait d’espèces, des agences Cash Plus, BMCE Bank, Wafacash, La Poste et Al Barid Bank sont disponibles. Pour les paiements sur les comptes bancaires, Moneytrans travaille avec les principales banques du Maroc, notamment Attijariwafa Bank et Banque Populaire.

Avec une vidéo, c'est toujours plus facile !

Nous vous montrons étape par étape comment accéder à l’application Multiservice et effectuer votre envoi en seulement 5 minutes.

Contact us


Your questions are 7/7 and so are we

Contact us by phone, email or chat thanks to our customer support service that speaks your language, 7 days a week. Whenever you need it, reach us through one of our 3,000 branches in Europe, on our chat, social networks or by phone. Personal finance made more personal!


The beneficiary needs to present the reference number provided by the sender and a valid ID to be presented at the point of payment. The name on the ID must match the name on the money transfer.
Moneytrans is a financial institution officially regulated in France, Belgium, Spain and dozens of European countries. We have 20 years’ experience in the remittances sector, with 10 million satisfied customers and 50.1 million money transfers completed in more than 140 countries. You just need to read the reviews of our users to see that we’re a trustworthy company endorsed by central banks and using advanced technology to guarantee confidentiality and secure payments. https://www.moneytrans.eu/moneytransblog/en/5-things-you-need-to-know-to-send-money-safely/
The branches of Orabank and SUNU Bank Togo are available for your cash remittances.
For Togo, the transfer is available for collection over the counter for 30 days; after this the transfer will be cancelled by the agent at the destination.
If you’ve already made the transfer, it can only be changed by calling our customer support service. If the beneficiary has received the money or it has already been paid, the transaction cannot be changed or cancelled. If you have more questions, get in touch with the customer service team on 0809549788
Refunds are possible as long as the transfer has not yet been paid at the destination. For payments to bank accounts, make sure that the account number is correct, because once the money has been paid in, Moneytrans cannot reverse the transaction. For payments to mobile phones, refunds can be requested as long as the beneficiary has not used the money. For money transfers made from our agencies, the customer has to request the refund in person. For money transfers made online, the customer has to request the refund from the online application. Moneytrans will receive the notification, the refund will be requested to the partner, and - once confirmed - it will be cancelled in the system and the refund will be requested on the customer's credit card.
It’s always better to plan your money transfers in advance. Currency exchange rates are constantly changing, and it may be expensive to send money today, but cheaper tomorrow. To help with this problem and ensure you get the best price for your remittances, the Moneytrans online money transfer service provides a calculator so that you can find out the cost of your transfer and choose the best time to send money.
The money will be available within the hour.
With our Moneytrans online money transfer service, your payment is processed instantly using 3D Secure technology, which guarantees stress-free transfers, and you’ll receive confirmation of your payment by email or SMS. Additional verification measures enhance security and compliance with payment legislation. Moneytrans also encourages users to protect their accounts, create secure passwords and identify phishing emails and messages. However, when it comes to your money, issues may arise, and peace of mind when choosing a company for your currency exchanges is also an important aspect. At Moneytrans we rely on a team of professionals to take care of our customers and resolve any issues or problems you may have. We also offer our services by live chat, email, phone or fax, so you can contact us whichever way you prefer. Attention round the clock for your peace of mind!
The first factor is the amount of money sent. Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the amount transferred, and this varies depending on the currency. As a guide, consult the Moneytrans calculator, which will give the actual price of your transfer. For example, Moneytrans charges a fixed commission for certain destinations, which is lower than most commissions charged by shops or exchange offices. Furthermore, we offer a special deal for new customers, with zero commission so you can try our service free of charge. The second factor is the exchange rate. With Moneytrans, you always get the exchange rate shown on our calculator, so you’ll know exactly how much your beneficiary will receive at the other end. A transparent and fast solution! The exchange rate is set by the banks and institutions that work with Moneytrans in the destination countries. Since Moneytrans has special agreements in 140 countries, your beneficiaries will get a better deal than with banks and most online money transfer services. Bear in mind that in addition to a lower fixed commission, our online service usually offers a better exchange rate. In short, with online transfers the commission is generally lower, so more money reaches your loved ones.

€2.000 / transfer

€2.000 / trimestrer

Open a session on your account and view recent orders. Click “Cancel” next to the order you wish to cancel. Enter the details and click “Send”. We’ll do our best to cancel the order. However, we cannot guarantee cancellation until our local partner confirms that the money has not yet been paid to the recipient. If the transfer has been completed, we are unable to cancel it. For more information about our cancellation and refund policy, consult the page https://www.moneytrans.eu/belgium/en/legal-notes-and-terms-of-use/
My transfer is under review: Your security is our priority. If we detect suspicious activity, your transfer may be reviewed to ensure that it is in fact you who made it. We are sometimes required to collect additional information in connection with a money transfer in order to comply with European or global regulations. This may cause a delay in processing your transfer, but it is essential for your protection and for compliance with legal requirements. My transfer has been rejected Your transfer may be rejected in the following cases: Your application includes incomplete or incorrect details, either of the sender or the recipient. We detect suspicious activity and are unable to confirm whether it was you who made the transfer. The transfer does not comply with the Moneytrans company policies. A problem arises with regulatory compliance in Europe or another country.
The beneficiary needs an URN CODE provided by the sender and a valid identity document, which must be presented at the payment location. The name on the ID document must be the same as the name on the transfer.