making people smile

Our mission

Our main commitment is to support the millions of heroes who have made the decision to migrate to another country, seeking a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Remittances constitute a central pillar in the economic sustainability of many families reducing poverty and increasing the quantity and quality of health and education. We were born out of the desire to encourage and facilitate remittances from Europe through a quality service at the best price. Since then, we have never stopped innovating in order to anticipate the needs of our customers. Our leitmotif is to simplify their lives by designing living services, accessible from an intuitive mobile application and which bring them closer to their loved ones. Today we are going even further by offering our community to join a real revolution, the Smile revolution, which aims to simplify banking and facilitate the integration of our customers in their host country.  

Our Story

Premium quality service at a fair price? That is what we offer!

Here at Moneytrans we’re a group of enthusiasts seeking passionately to offer much more than a simple money-sending service. Our company is driven by our desire to offer a comprehensive range of value-added services which meet all the needs of our customers. We’re unlike any other business in the sector. We are a family-run company which arose organically, based on the experience and knowhow of the people who work here and who have gained the trust of more than 10 million customers
Pioneers in everything we do, we were the first in Europe to offer a low cost and transparent service, and we are now the only ones to offer a multiservice platform that meets the unique needs of millions of migrants in Europe. All of our products and features are designed to be obvious when our users need them and time-saver. We keep in mind that time is money! In summary Moneytrans is a fintech that truly believes in diversity, financial inclusion and inclusion.