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Legal Notes and General Terms of Use

Moneytrans Payment Services S.A. - Legal Notes and Terms

Legal disclaimer notes and General Terms of Use of this internet site

Welcome to the Moneytrans Website, whose use is governed by the present terms and conditions. By accessing our website and by making use of the services provided on it, you declare being aware of the present Terms of Use and having accepted them. We therefore recommend that you carefully read this document and that you refrain from using our website if you disagree with the provisions set out hereafter.

This web site has been developed by Moneytrans Payment Services S.A, hereinafter referred to as “Moneytrans”, which is also responsible for the management and organization of the site. Moneytrans Payment Services S.A is a Payment Institution Authorized and Regulated by the National Bank of Belgium. Company registration number: BE.0449.356.557. Registered address : Place du Champ de Mars 5, 1050 Brussels. The central telephone line is +32 (0)2 2271820, fax number is +32 (0)2 2271828 & e-mail address is Moneytrans is duly authorized by the National Bank of Belgium as a Payment Institution

About us

Moneytrans is the trading name of MONEYTRANS PAYMENT SERVICES, a financial company incorporated in Belgium, with registration number BE.449.356.557, and duly authorised as a Payment Institution by the National Bank of Belgium ( Our head office is established at Place du Champ de Mars n°5, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Telephone: + 32 2 227 18 20; Fax: + 32 2 227 18 28; Email:

MONEYTRANS PAYMENT SERVICES (hereinafter referred to as « Moneytrans ») is responsible for the development, operation and content published on its transactional website (hereinafter referred to as « the website of Moneytrans », « the Moneytrans Website » or « the website »), which can be accessed via the following Internet address:

The Congolese company MONEYTRANS DRC (company number RCCM 15-B-9021) is responsible for the development, the operation and the content of this transactional website, via which financial services are provided in the Democratic Republic of Congo. MONEYTRANS DRC is regulated by the Central Bank of Congo and is licensed as a money transfer company (license n°0025/MF/B). Our head office is located in Avenue Isiro n°8, Municipality of Gombe in Kinshasa. Phone number: +243 (0) 812242463

Scope of the Terms of Use

The present Terms of Use govern the access to the Moneytrans website and the online use of the products and services provided on it. Together with our Privacy Policy which specifically governs the processing of personal data collected about the online customers, they form the legal relationship between MONEYTRANS and the users of the Moneytrans website (hereinafter also referred to as “the website users”).

The website users may have to accept additional terms of use applying to certain specific products and services made available on the Moneytrans website. Such additional terms will be notified to the users when they order the relevant products and services, and they will be subjected to a separate consent.

The Terms of Use applicable to the session during which the user utilises the Moneytrans website are those which are posted at the same time on the website. We therefore recommend to the users to print or to download a copy of the general Terms of Use applicable to their online operations executed via the website, and to keep it for future reference.

The nullity of one or more provisions of the present Terms of Use shall have no impact on the validity, scope or enforceability of any of the remaining provisions.

The provisions of the present Terms of Use apply without prejudice to any mandatory, legal or regulatory provisions that may also be applicable.

MONEYTRANS reserves the right to modify at any time the present Terms of Use and it shall notify the users of such changes by posting a clear and easily accessible notice on the website.

Information and services available on the Internet website

The products and services available on the Moneytrans website are only intended to be used by individuals aged 18 years or over and who are resident -or at least the holder of a means of payment issued- in Belgium. By making use of the products and services provided on the Moneytrans website, the user confirms meeting the aforementioned criteria of age and of residence -or of territoriality of their means of payment that will be used on the Moneytrans website.

The information posted on the Moneytrans website is provided without guarantee or liability on the part of MONEYTRANS, except in the case of gross or intentional negligence by MONEYTRANS. It is only valid on the date of its posting on the website and MONEYTRANS cannot guarantee its accuracy, absence of errors, completeness and/or timeliness.

The information, simulations and tariffs available on the Internet website are provided exclusively for information purposes and independently of any specific contractual and/or unilateral commitment entered into by MONEYTRANS. They can in no case be considered as a recommendation or a direct offer for the sale and/or purchase of products and services, unless they are accompanied by a purchasing order validated by the website user. Hence, they only from an element of assessment for the website users, who remain free to decide and solely responsible for the use they make of them.

MONEYTRANS takes all reasonable measures to provide accurate and up to date information on its website. MONEYTRANS may modify, at any time and without prior notice, products and services made available on its website, or interrupt the access to all or parts of the website, among others in order to update its content.

Registration and Use of Online Services

In order to access the secured areas of the Moneytrans website and to utilise the online services, the user must register (create a “user account”) by providing personal identification details. By agreeing to register with the Moneytrans website, the user declares also consenting to the terms of MONEYTRANS’ Privacy Policy, which governs the processing of personal data collected about the website users, in addition to the present Terms of Use. The user also declares being a Belgian resident, aged 18 years or older.

The users must provide accurate and truthful information when registering with the website. They shall also be responsible for promptly updating any personal data previously provided to MONEYTRANS, especially in case of changes relating to their address of residence, identity document, telephone number and/or email address.

MONEYTRANS may ask at any time to the registered users of its website to provide documents evidencing their identity or their address of residence. When the use of certain online services requires it, the users shall also agree to provide a copy of their identity document and/or of any other document that may be required for the delivery of certain online services. The Internet website shall signal such cases, by inviting the user to upload a digital copy of their identity document or of any other evidence, as necessary.

Each website user may only hold one registered account. The means of access to such an account are strictly personal and may in no case be transferred to a third party according to the present Terms of Use.

The use of the Moneytrans website and online services is strictly intended for private purposes. In the case where the user wishes to utilize the online services for commercial purposes, he/she must immediately inform MONEYTRANS of such an intended purpose, by contacting our Customer Service as set out in Section 13.

MONEYTRANS reserves the right to restrict at any time the access to any or all parts of its website, or to cancel a pending transaction in any of the following cases:

  • a breach in any of the conditions of the present Terms of Use;
  • the registration of incomplete or inaccurate identification data by a user;
  • the refusal by the user to provide evidence allowing to verify his/her identity;
  • the use of the online services for abusive, fraudulent or illegal purposes, and/or,
  • any prejudice to the integrity, the security or the reputation of the website.
Account Security and Management

As part of the registration process, the website user will be invited to choose a combination of a username and a password, which will thereafter constitute his/her personal access codes to the protected parts of the website. Such access codes are strictly personal and confidential. The users are solely responsible for their use and for preserving their confidentiality and they commit not to disclose them to anyone. MONEYTRANS or its employees will never ask to registered website users to disclose their personal access codes to a third-party or via any other channel than the secured login area available on the Moneytrans website. The users should disregard and immediately report to MONEYTRANS any situation whereby they are requested to provide their personal access codes to the Moneytrans website via an email or a third-party website. The website users will also always ensure that their access codes are not stored on their browser software or are not recorded in any other way on the hard disk of the computer they use to access the Moneytrans website.

Registered website users may ask at any time to modify or to suppress their personal access codes to the Moneytrans website. They shall also immediately inform MONEYTRANS in case they notice an unauthorised use of their access codes, or any other breach in the security of their user account. MONEYTRANS shall endeavour to promptly modify or revoke the personal access codes of a registered user, upon receiving such a request. Until then and except in the case of gross or intentional negligence by MONEYTRANS, the users shall be solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may result, for them or for MONEYTRANS or for third-parties, of any use, whether fraudulent or not, made by them or by a third-party, of their personal access codes on the Moneytrans website.


Except in the case of gross or intentional negligence on its part, Moneytrans cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the website user, which would result from the use of the website or from the impossibility to use it, whatever the reason.

MONEYTRANS shall thus not be responsible, among others, for any direct or indirect damages caused by:

  1. The interruption of the access to the website and/or delays or losses in data transmission caused by disturbances in the communication systems that are not under the control of MONEYTRANS (such as power cuts, interruptions in the phone lines or connection problems caused by the Internet access provider of the user or by a specific software installed on the user’s computer);
  2. The unauthorised access and/or fraudulent use of the Internet website using the personal access codes of the user, made possible by a negligence on the part of the user (caused, for instance, by the inadequate protection of the confidentiality of his/her access codes against theft or against the transmission of computer viruses);
  3. The fraudulent use of a payment card on the Moneytrans website ;
  4. The occurrence of any event of force majeure.

MONEYTRANS shall in no case be liable, beyond the amount invoiced to the customer on the Internet website, of any direct or indirect damages caused by the delay in the execution or by the partial or non-execution of an order placed for a product or service via the Moneytrans website, regardless of whether such damages were caused by the negligence of its employees or its foreign correspondents or by any other reason.

In the case where a product or service ordered online could not be delivered within a reasonable timeframe (3 working days) due to a failure in the service operated by MONEYTRANS, MONEYTRANS shall reimburse the total amount invoiced to the website user at the time of his/her order placed via the Moneytrans website.

Use of the Online Money Transfer Service

International money transfer orders initiated via the Moneytrans website are subject to transaction fees, transaction limits and payment conditions that vary depending on the country of destination of the funds.

A foreign exchange rate also applies to money transfer orders, which are paid in a different currency than the Euro in the country of destination. In such cases, the amount of the transaction will be converted into the relevant foreign currency at the time of initiating the money transfer order via the Moneytrans website, and the exact amount to be received by the beneficiary in the foreign currency will also be indicated on the online transaction form.

The website user can simulate at any time the conditions applicable to a money transfer operation by using the “calculator” tool, which is available on the section of the Moneytrans website dedicated to the online money transfer service.

In addition to the transaction fees, MONEYTRANS may also keep the difference between the currency exchange rate it receives and the currency exchange rate it applies to online money transfer operations initiated via its website. MONEYTRANS also reserves the right to apply more favourable exchange rates to online transactions initiated via its website than those applied to the operations of the customers of its physical points of sale in Belgium.

By validating an online money transfer order, the website users confirm agreeing to the financial and payment conditions applicable to their transactions, as described on the Moneytrans website. The website users also declare that the personal identification data provided about them as well as about the designated beneficiaries of their funds abroad is accurate in all respects. MONEYTRANS reserves the right to request additional information about the users of the online money transfer service, or to suspend or cancel a pending transaction for any of the reasons listed in section 4 above.

Use of the Online Foreign Currency Ordering Service

The service of online ordering of foreign currencies which is provided on the Moneytrans website may only be used to order foreign money to be spent in the framework of a holiday or a business travel, and not for speculative or investment activities or for any other purposes prohibited by the laws and regulations applicable to the provision of foreign exchange services in Belgium.

To book foreign currencies online, the website user must follow the instructions appearing on the ordering screen dedicated to this service on the Moneytrans website. Once the website user enters the online ordering screen, for security reasons, the order will have to be finalised within 10 minutes, otherwise the secured session will time out and the order will have to be re-initiated.

The service of online ordering of foreign currencies is only available for the currencies listed on the ordering screen dedicated to this service on the Moneytrans website. The orders are subject to a maximum value of 3.000 EUR per day and per person, and can be subject to further monetary limits and/or currency exchange restrictions as set out by the applicable laws and regulations.

The exchange rates applicable to online foreign currency orders are quoted on the Moneytrans website for indicative purposes only and they are regularly updated, without prior notice and with immediate effect. When placing an online order, the exchange rate that will be applied to convert the amount of the order into the selected foreign currency will be the rate displayed at the same time on the online ordering screen.

MONEYTRANS may apply to foreign currency orders booked via its website more favourable exchange rates than the ones available in its physical locations. Customers buying foreign currencies from a Moneytrans office will thus not be able to get the foreign exchange rates quoted on the Moneytrans website, unless they go to a Moneytrans office to retrieve an online order previously booked via the Moneytrans website. In such a case, they will be able to benefit from the exchange rate quoted on the website the day of collecting their online foreign currency order, if the rate is more favourable than the one initially applied to their order.

Online foreign currency orders may be booked up to 7 calendar days in advance of the collection date. Delivery dates vary depending on the availability of the currency selected, and will be notified to the customer during the online ordering process. Online orders can only be collected from one of the authorised Moneytrans offices, whose location details will be displayed on the ordering screen at the time of the order.

Foreign currency orders being strictly personal, they can only be collected by their named holder, and solely from the Moneytrans office selected at the time of placing the online order on the Moneytrans website.

In order to allow the proper processing of online foreign currency orders, the users of this service will be requested to provide all the information needed to identify them and to finalise their transaction. By validating an online order, the user certifies that the information contained in the order is correct in all respects.

Once an online order is validated, the Moneytrans website will display a confirmation screen summarising the details of the order. This screen confirms that the order has been duly received by Moneytrans, as per the details contained in it. The website user should print a copy of this confirmation screen, as it constitute an official record of the online order of foreign currencies.

When collecting an online order at the preselected Moneytrans office, the customer will be asked to produce a valid identification document along with the copy of his/her online ordering form. A copy of his/her identity document will be taken at this point, for MONEYTRANS’ records, and the customer will also be prompted to sign a receipt in order to retrieve his/her foreign currency order.

Depending on the value of the order, MONEYTRANS reserves the right to request additional documents from its customers, such as a proof of their address of residence. MONEYTRANS also reserves the right to refuse to process an online foreign currency order, partly or in full, at any time of the ordering process, for any of the reasons set out in Section 4 above.

Use of the Mobile Airtime Credit and Electronic Money services

MONEYTRANS relies on third-party companies to carry out the online purchasing orders of prepaid mobile airtime credit and of electronic money products (hereinafter also referred to as « top up products »), which are made available on its internet website.

The description and specifications of the top up products available for purchasing on the Moneytrans website are based on the information provided by the manufacturers of the referred products. MONEYTRANS is in no case responsible, beyond their top up value, of the specifications of such products, for which it merely acts as intermediary for their selling and their purchasing.

The mobile airtime credit and electronic money products that can be ordered via the Moneytrans website are only delivered upon confirmation of their payment on the website.

In the specific case of the international mobile top up product, the top up options are only available for active and valid mobile phone numbers. During the online order of a mobile phone top up product, the purchaser must verify that the product selected matches his/her request and, in the case of the purchasing of airtime for an international mobile number, whether the phone number indicated in the ordering screen is correct, before validating the order. Any mobile top up product purchased on the Moneytrans website and delivered as per the instructions of the purchaser shall not be eligible for a change or a reimbursement. MONEYTRANS shall thus not be responsible in the event that the online customer made a mistake in the product selection or gave a wrong phone number to top up during the online ordering process.

In line with the provisions set out in Section 10 hereunder, the website user must notify MONEYTRANS within 14 calendar days of the case where a top up product validly purchased on the Moneytrans website could not be delivered in full or in due time. MONEYTRANS shall subsequently liaise with the customer and the third-party service provider in order to ensure that the product delivery goes through as quickly as possible.

MONEYTRANS reserves the right, at all times, to withdraw certain mobile airtime or electronic money products previously available on its website or to unilaterally modify their top up conditions without prior notice.

Cancellation and Refund

The website user holds the right to cancel a product or service ordered via the Moneytrans website within 14 calendar days of its order. To cancel a pending order, the user must log on to his/her Moneytrans account, locate the relevant order from their transaction history, and then request its cancellation via the “cancel” button available on the same section of the website. The website user may alternatively request the cancellation of a pending order by contacting the Customer Service of Moneytrans as set out in Section 13.

In the case where the website user requests the cancellation of an order following a failure in the service provided by MONEYTRANS, MONEYTRANS shall reimburse the total amount invoiced to the customer at the time of the online order (transaction fees included), provided that the service ordered has not already been delivered. In all other cases, and provided again that the ordered product or service whose cancellation is requested has not been delivered yet, MONEYTRANS shall reimburse to the customer the amount charged at the time of the online order, excluding the transaction fees, which shall remain due.

Property and Intellectual Property Rights

MONEYTRANS reserves all property and intellectual property rights on the Moneytrans website itself as well as on all its components, including but not limited to any text, illustration, layout and computer programs published on it or underlying it. The website users benefit from a non-exclusive license to use the Moneytrans website, which only give them the right to access the contents of the Moneytrans website, consult the information posted on it and use the services provided online, in a regular way and solely for private purposes. On the other hand, no property or other intellectual property right is by any means transferred to the website user.

Any extraction and/or reuse of all or parts of the contents of the Moneytrans website, in any form or by any means is strictly prohibited without MONEYTRANS’ prior written consent. Similarly, any trade mark, label and logo posted on the Moneytrans website are the exclusive property of MONEYTRANS and cannot be reproduced in any form or manner, without the prior written consent of MONEYTRANS.

Hyperlinks to Third-Party Websites

MONEYTRANS does not provide any guarantee and cannot be held responsible for any hypertext link created by third party websites onto the Moneytrans website, or inversely embedded on the Moneytrans website and leading to third-party websites, nor can it be held liable for the content of such third-party websites. The referred hyperlinks do not indicate in any way that MONEYTRANS is affiliated or associated to the relevant third-party websites or that the latters are authorized to use the commercial name, logo or symbols of MONEYTRANS. The Internet users expressly recognize that they shall be solely responsible for the use they might make of such third-party websites, and they declare being fully aware that these websites are governed by other Terms of Use and Privacy Policy than those applicable to the Moneytrans website.

Moneytrans Contact Details

Any communication relating to the Moneytrans website should be preferably sent by email to: The user can also communicate with MONEYTRANS by:

  • Calling our Customer Service at +32 2 227 18 20.
  • Writing us a letter sent to: Moneytrans, 5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Any communication containing personal data, questions, comments and/or suggestions, which is addressed to MONEYTRANS shall be considered as non-confidential, subject to the duty of discretion of MONEYTRANS and of the legal rights of privacy of the website users. Pending respect of the same legal provisions, MONEYTRANS shall have the right to reuse, copy, modify or reproduce, in any form, through any means and for any purpose, any communication received from the website users, within 5 years of their transmission.

Private Data Protection

Data of a personal nature which is communicated to MONEYTRANS by the website users shall be processed in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy. By agreeing to the present Terms of Use, the website user also accepts the terms of our Privacy Policy, which includes the use of cookies by MONEYTRANS.

For more information about the cookies generated by the website of MONEYTRANS and their use, kindly refer to our Policy on Cookie Use.

Applicable Law and Competent Authority

These Terms of Use and any other provisions governing the contractual relationship with the users of the Moneytrans website are subject to the Belgian law. Only the courts of the judicial district of Brussels are competent in the event of disputes, except in the cases where the competent courts are determined by other applicable legal or regulatory provisions

Customer Due Diligence Requirements

The laws and regulations governing the provision of financial services require from financial institutions such as MONEYTRANS to verify the identity of the customers of its financial services and to refrain from processing financial operations in case of doubts relating to the legality of the source of funds and/or of the purpose of the transactions placed by the customers. Occasionally, the users of online financial services provided via the Moneytrans website may be required to provide additional documents necessary to verify their identity and the legal origin of their funds transacted online. Transactions may also be suspended or cancelled in the event where MONEYTRANS cannot obtain from its customers evidence needed to meet its legal obligations.


Si consiglia una lettura attenta dei diritti prima di scegliere il nostro servizio e di firmare il contratto.

Documenti disponibili presso l’intermediario e i mandatari della Moneytrans:

Principali diritti del cliente

Foglio informativo

Copia del contratto di trasferimento di denaro di Moneytrans

Guida pratica dell’Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF)


L’accesso al sito web della Società non consente di concludere alcun contratto a distanza.

Si rammenta che Money Trans Italia S.p.A. fornisce il servizio di trasferimento di denaro (“Money Transfer”) tramite le sedi operative della società e/o gli agenti in attività finanziaria convenzionati, presso i quali sono disponibili i fogli informativi relativi ai prodotti e servizi offerti dalla Società.

Il presente documento è stato redatto in conformità alle disposizioni dettate dalla Banca d’Italia con provvedimento del 29/07/2009.

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  •   Avere a disposizione e portare con sé una copia di questo documento;
  •   Avere a disposizione e portare con sé il foglio informativo di ciascun prodotto, che ne illustra caratteristiche, rischi e tutti i costi.
  •   Ottenere gratuitamente e portare con sé una copia completa del contratto, anche prima della conclusione e senza impegno per le parti.
  •   Prendere visione del documento di sintesi allegato al contratto e contenenti tutte le condizioni economiche.
  •   Stipulare il contratto in forma scritta.
  •   Ricevere una copia del contratto firmato

 Non avere condizioni contrattuali sfavorevoli rispetto a quelle pubblicizzate nel “Foglio Informativo”.


  •   Ottenere a proprie spese, entro 90 giorni dalla richiesta, copia della documentazione sulle singole operazioni effettuate negli ultimi dieci anni.
  •   Revocare l’ordine sottoscritto prima dell’avvio dell’operazione, senza penalità.
  •  Il cliente può presentare un reclamo all’intermediario, anche per lettera raccomandata A/R o per via telematica a: Money Trans Italia S.p.A Ufficio Assistenza Clienti – Call Center Via Ozanam 13, 20129 Milano Tel. 02 2870125 Fax 02. 26824530 Email:
  •  L’intermediario deve rispondere entro 30 giorni.
  •  Se il cliente non è soddisfatto o non ha ricevuto risposta, prima di ricorrere al giudice può rivolgersi all’Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF).
  •  Per sapere come rivolgersi all’Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF) si può consultare il sito, chiedere presso le Filiali della Banca d’Italia, chiedere all’intermediario o consultare la Guida Pratica per il ricorso all’ABF.
  •  Resta impregiudicato il diritto del cliente di rivolgersi all’Autorità Giudiziaria per la tutela dei propri diritti.


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