10 children’s books to help you entertain your children whilst staying home!

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Enjoying family time and sitting around a book together is always a good idea. These days at home, reading with the little ones is a must! Plus, here’s a wonderful children’s book written by one of our Moneytrans colleagues – check out our recommendations in this article!


9 children’s books…

“Coronavirus no es un príncipe (ni una princesa)”

It is not easy to explain to our little ones what is happening, sometimes it is difficult to understand even for ourselves. However, this book full of pictures and colors will allow you to explain this situation to your children in their language, in a calm and funny way. That’s how the idea of this book came! What began as a little story to help her children understand the importance of staying home or what the coronavirus was, encouraged the Spaniard Maria Coco to write this wonderful book full of good intentions in these days of chaos. A 32-pages book that provides answers to the questions her children asked her on the first night of quarantine and that will surely be of great help to the older ones in the house!

“Rosa contra el virus”

In view of the recent events, the Madrid College of Psychology published this online book “Rosa contra el virus” to explain this and other viruses to young and older children. Aimed at children from 4 to 10 years old, this story explains the coronavirus through the eyes of a child. In addition, at the end of the book, you’ll be able to find some recommendations for adults to manage their emotions these days at home!

“Coronavirus, el pequeño bichito”

This story gives our children the opportunity to be the protagonists of this adventure, an adventure in which brave children stay at home to fight against a naughty virus. Without a doubt, it is a good way to make them feel part of the solution through playtime!

“La ciudad sin colores”

Smiling is the key! That’s what Violeta learned when she woke up one morning and her whole town turned black and white because of the sadness of her neighbors. These days, keeping our spirits up is the key, and if we have our children’s smiles, the day has a different color!

“Cantamos a los temores”

Fear in children is a normal thing, but thanks to this story… Fears take a back seat! The children in this book realize that by singing all their fears are forgotten. Besides, it’s always a good time to have a karaoke at home!


“Carlitos se va a vivir al mundo virtual”

Carlitos spent so much time playing video games in front of the TV, the mobile phone and the computer that one day he stopped distinguishing the difference between the real world and the virtual one. Surely this children’s book will make your children think about how to spend these days playing differently!

“El erizo pinchón”

It’s normal for kids to get angry and have tantrums. However, they may have a little more during these days at home. The example of the main character in this children’s book will help them manage their anger!

“Damián, el niño de las lágrimas”

Damien was crying and crying all day. So much so, that his shirt was always wet. Will he end up getting scales just like a fish? Share the moral of this children’s book with your children!

“El oso pomposo”

This story is a victory for those characters with a personality of their own! Because these days are also a good excuse to spend time with the little ones and emphasize what is really important in their personal growth. Share this story with them!


And the very special last book!  

We have to confess that this last recommendation makes us especially excited. We introduce you to, “Me llamo Río” or “My name is Río”, a children’s book written by a colleague from the Moneytrans family and we couldn’t be prouder. And who better than the writer himself, Felix Muelas, to tell you how exciting it has been to write this book that bears the name of his first daughter:

The reason for writing a children’s book is none other than to get closer to children, especially to our inner child. I have always been fascinated by children’s stories because of the naturalness with which the extraordinary is dealt with. Everything fits in a child’s mind and there is no need to put limits on the imagination or explain why animals talk or how the magic of witches or wizards works.

Reading gives us great freedom to travel without moving from home and imagine distant or fantastic worlds, but writing gives us even more freedom. Writing for me is like playing a game in which I set the rules myself. More importantly, I can send a message through a story.

The idea of writing “Me llamo Río” came to me when I decided that the daughter my wife was expecting would be named Rio. I thought about how excited I was, even in my adulthood, to find books featuring characters like “Felix the Cat”, and I was worried that my daughter would not have such reference because of the original name I had chosen for her.

The story of “Me llamo Río” was invented by the characters themselves. I only wrote the first page, which introduces Rio, the young protagonist, and the villain, the evil King Eternus, who is a classic bully who gives everyone nasty nicknames and nicknames. From there, the characters come to life and overcome obstacles and learn lessons until they reach a happy – and hopefully surprising – ending for the children. I have tried to spice up the story with values I consider important, such as self-confidence, friendship, solidarity and, above all, justice.



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