From Nicaragua to Spain: this is the story of Alicia

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All the decisions we make in our lives mark our destiny. Today we introduce you to Alicia, a Moneytrans employee who decided to come to Spain from Nicaragua. Although she loves and yearns for her country, she has been with us for more than 5 years and we tell you her story!


Read the interview we did with Alicia, an amazing Moneytrans employee who came to Spain years ago and has been working at Moneytrans for over 5 years. Undoubtedly one of the best employees of the company in terms of customer service and customer service and to which we pay our small tribute today:


1. When and how did you arrive in Spain?

“I arrived from Nicaragua in April 2009. My sister Valeria was already living in Spain, to be exact in Ronda, and she invited me to visit her. My intention was to stay only a month but in the end, as they say here, Malaga caught me! And it’s been over 8 years!”

2. What did you do when you arrived in Spain?

“I spent a few months living in Ronda but then moved to Benalmádena. There I began to work in the organization of events: as a stewardess, waitress, promoter… I did a little bit of everything! I also worked as a model and dancer on occasion.”

3. Tell us about your first few months here. Did it take you long to adjust?

“The truth is, my first few months were really good. I was a tourist who wanted to get to know and discover Malaga, a city that is completely different from my country. But as time went on, I was beginning to miss my homeland a little. In addition, my sister returned to Nicaragua and it was hard, but I decided to stay in Malaga. That’s when my adventure really began.”

“The truth is that I’ve been very lucky with the people I’ve met in my life. They have helped me a lot when I needed it and when I didn’t, too. Thanks to them, it wasn’t so hard to adjust.”

4. What do you miss about your land?

“Well, what I miss most about my land is my family. All my uncles, aunts, cousins and grandmothers live in the same neighborhood and it was very easy to walk a few minutes to visit them and laugh with them. Ah! The food too!”

5. Where is your favorite place in Nicaragua?

“My favorite place in Nicaragua is San Juan del Sur, a coastal town in the city of Rivas. It has a beautiful beach and is a very small town that you can easily walk around if you want.”

6. Any advice for your Nicaraguan compatriots coming to Spain?

“My advice is don’t be afraid… I think change is always a little scary, but Spain is a beautiful country with lovely people who give you a lot of help and welcome you very well. It is a unique experience, for better or for worse. It will help them mature, get to know each other and grow as a person and if not… We can always go back to our beloved Nicaragua!”

7. Tell us about your experience working for Moneytrans?

“My experience at Moneytrans has been great! I have found great co-workers, both Spanish and from other countries as well. I have made very good friends within the company and professionally it has been an enriching experience as I like to deal directly with people.

8. What do you advise Nicaraguans who need to send money?

“If you are looking for the best exchange rate, send the money securely and quickly, I advise you to send your money with Moneytrans. We have many payers and among them, the best!. This is Banpro, whom all Nicaraguans know. In addition, with Moneytrans they can always check the online calculator on the web and know the status of the shipment at any time.”

“Not only that, I’d say Moneytrans has one of the best customer service available, they’ll always find someone to listen to them with a big smile.”


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