The happiest day of the year has arrived, today is YELLOW DAY!

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This Wednesday, June 20, you may have woken up more lively, taken a refreshing shower and drank a morning coffee with a particularly optimistic air, and don’t be surprised, because today is Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year.


Against the saddest day of the year, the third Monday in January, Yellow Day is a day that is statistically proven is the happiest of all, there are different events that lead to a much cheerful and happier mood.

Meteorological, economic and social facts come together on this day to create the definitive formula for the happiest day of the year.

A better temperature 

According to weather statistics of the meteorologists from, June has a stable temperature of around 21ºC which leaves us with a pleasant time that is not too warm or too cold, allowing us to fully enjoy a very satisfactory environment. 

In addition, as a general rule, June is usually the rainiest month of the whole summer (June, July and August) which also allows to refresh the atmosphere, clean the air and fill the water reserves for the whole season.


Holidays are coming 

Is there anything better than planning the summer holidays? Sea or mountain, city or countryside, any choice is good, and it’s because in the month of June we are already looking forward to the holidays, and planning it adds an extra touch of motivation. 

Being on the lookout for destinations to visit, such as Morocco, Brazil, Cuba, the Philippines or any other place in the world, is synonymous with happiness. Imagine yourself on its beaches, walking through its streets, or enjoying the cultures of these places brings a smile to anyone’s face. 

Also to think about the family that we have far away or the people we want to spend some time with again, it cheers up our the state of mind. Savoring the days before returning with our loved ones is something that cannot be explained.


More light hours  

The days are getting longer and we have more daylight hours to enjoy the outdoor activities. The sun plays a very important role in the human body, its light generates that our bodies produce serotonin, the hormone charge of happiness.

The direct influence of the sun’s rays on our state of mind, how we fall asleep and the energy we have, is more than proven. The sun is one of the best medicines for the state of mind, and now we have more than ever.


Shorter working days 

Many workers at this time of the year begin to benefit of a shorter working day, if we add to this the previous factor of having more daylight hours, we find more free time to enjoy during the day. 

Having more free time to be able to have fun gives us the option to disconnect from our daily problems, and focus on what we really like. Of course, with more hours and a perfect time for planning, our social relationships improve and are strengthened.


The extra summer pay

Although not everyone benefits from this last factor, many are lucky enough at this time of the year to see their payroll grow as they receive extra pay. This extra money is a factor that helps to increase levels of happiness, directly affecting our state of mind.

Many people expect this extra payment, so they can send money to their families in other countries. And without a doubt being able to help your loved ones is one of the happiest things we can do.

Undoubtedly, on June 20, Yellow Day has earned its well-deserved title of happiest day of the year. And, with more free time for you and your loved ones, a good temperature, more hours of sunshine, holidays nearby and extra money, it is a perfect formula to be cheerful, in a good mood and above all TO BE HAPPY! 

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The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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