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There are many ways to name this day, but there is only one way to feel it: with Latin pride! And this day, over the years, has become a meeting point between cultures. But, above all, this day has become a day to share love, respect and pride for those cultures! From Moneytrans we wish you a beautiful Day of Respect for Diversity!


What makes us unique are our traditions, our language and our culture; our roots. But what makes us truly fortunate is the mixing of those roots with different traditions, languages and cultures. That is the true wealth of each nation’s identity: to share it!

If Peruvians had not taken their gastronomy by flag wherever they went, the world would be missing recipes that not even in their best dreams would have imagined! If the Mexican mariachi bands had not decided to share their music with the rest of the countries, how many serenades would have been lost! If Brazilians didn’t talk so well about their carnivals across the world, there would be those who wouldn’t know this colorful spectacle! And the same thing happens with the dance, who could live without the tango from Argentina and Uruguay? The meaning of this day is to understand the value of its own identity and the richness it represents for the world. Therefore, for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, share what you love, share your culture, and let the world enjoy and appreciate it as much as you do! Latin pride!


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Lots of ways to say it, just one way to feel it.  

Originally known as the “Day of the Race“, this day has changed its name over the years and in different ways in some countries. Find out what name this holiday is now given in each country with latin pride!  


Chile: Day of the Encounter of Two Worlds.

Argentina: American Cultural Diversity Day.

Uruguay: Day of the Americas.

El Salvador: Hispanic Day.

Peru: Day of Native Peoples and Intercultural Dialogue.

Ecuador: Day of Interculturality.

Bolivia: Decolonization Day.

Venezuela: Day of Indigenous Resistance.

Argentina: American Cultural Diversity Day.


And in your country, how do you know this day? 


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