Social and environmental inclusion in South Africa

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The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa WESSA has initiated several projects with the common goal of providing opportunities for individuals and organizations in South Africa in order to make sustainable and effective use of the country’s rich natural resources, always with the involvement of local people.


One of the most biodiverse countries in the world!

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, South Africa enjoys different climates in its different regions. This allows the existence of a rich and varied fauna and flora. Another asset to its diversity: its relief. In South Africa, you will find large coastal plains and peaks of up to 3,450 metres in altitude. Those are reasons why South Africa is one of the 17 most biodiverse countries in the world. These spectacular caracteristics attract tourists sometimes massively. To preserve its beauty everyone must participate in the creation of a sustainable tourism, this is one of WESSA’s missions.




Discover Wessa

This NGO (non-governmental organization) was founded in 1926, under the name “The Wildlife Protection Society of South Africa”, in response to the need to protect the famous Kruger National Park and in order to participate in the creation of new national parks in South Africa. The slogan of this association has remained unchanged all these years: “People Caring for the Earth”.


Some examples of actions undertaken

To make South Africa greener, WESSA relies on its people. The association provides ways to train individuals, employees and businesses who want to learn more about achieving a sustainable economy.

 Here are some projects on which the association is currently active:

The Eco-Schools programme, which aims to inform students about actions for the environment and to give them sufficient background so that they can live sustainably in the future. Environmental awareness is necessary from an early age.


The Tourism Green Coast project which is a social and environmental inclusion project. In progress since the end of 2017, the aim is to integrate disadvantaged young people living in neighbouring municipalities into teams of local tourist operators. Their aim: to create a sustainable network of actors inclined to propagate and activate responsible tourism benefiting above all the local communities.




This country amazes us and we want everyone to have the chance to discover the true beauty of South Africa. Initiatives to protect the environment are necessary, especially when the latter integrate the development of the communities into their implementation. You too? Feel free to share our article on Facebook or Twitter, to remind everyone of the importance of respecting what nature has to offer.

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