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Normally when we think of remittances, or as everyone knows it, to send money through a booth, we imagine a migrant sending money to his family in another country.


But can we really imagine everything that the world of remittances implies? In this article we will show you all that only one of the best money remittance companies that has been in business for more than 20 years can teach you, so that you´ll be able to understand everything that encompasses the simple fact of sending money to a family.   


Development of the economy

To send money can provide sustenance to millions of families, many of whom live in rural areas or in development zones. This money, in addition to covering basic needs for living, can provide immense potential to contribute to the development of these areas, which over time can create jobs, developing ways to improve living conditions and creating a more prosperous future for the region and its communities.


Help in the most necessary moments

To send money through remittances plays a key role when it comes to rebuilding a country that has lived a war, often being the money of remittances, the only sure source of income for families. It is estimated that the money sent to Nepal after the earthquake, amounted to more than 5,000 million euros, representing a quarter of the gross domestic product of this country.




Fight against child exploitation

According to a study carried out by the International Labor Organization, more than 215 million children work today all around the world. However, in part thanks to the sending of money through remittances, this number has declined in recent years.

We know that the physical work to which a minor can be affected, exerts a negative impact on their physical resistance, not to mention the disastrous consequences to their health due to the hard work they often have to perform. Due to this it is important to point out that, in many cases, the migration accompanied by their parents provides an improvement in the lives of these minors, who see their opportunities for development and the reduction of risks to their health increasing.

In this group of migrants, the positive impact of remittances has been documented, in particular, by the migrant parents that send money to their families in other countries, positively contributing to the improvement of their children’s education, which helps to reduce the educational gap with other countries, and even stimulate the value in the studies and the effort.

Undoubtedly, remittances help migrants’ families to cope with expenses such as uniforms and educational fees, and in some cases, such as high school, the purchase of books and transportation, since not all communities have an institute. of basic education.


Help to save cash

Due to the high rates that banks impose on money transfers to foreign countries, money transfer companies such as Moneytrans help families of migrants who receive money receive more cash than if they did so through a bank. . Offering equal or greater security and speed than said entities, since in many cases these transfers may take days, and in the case of money transfer companies, the transfers arrive on the same day.

Thanks to this fact, families can enjoy a greater volume of income in their home when they need it most, and that is in the benefit of their family, and can provide greater opportunities for development.

In addition, thanks to the fee that companies such as Moneytrans offer, the benefits for people who work with these money remittance businesses are greater, generating an extra economic benefit for the communities, which is reinvested in society and improves it.



Surely, from now on, when you hear someone speak of remittances, or that they have sent money to Romania, Ghana, Cuba or another country. You will be able to see it from another perspective, and you will appreciate all the good that a simple action can generate in society on a world scale.

If you found this article interesting, and you want to know more about the world of remittances or how to send money to any country, do not hesitate to get to know our universe. And also if you are interested in working as an agent of Moneytrans, contact us.

Mary Martin

Mary Martin

Mary Martin is an economist specialising in financial education, Fintech and remittances. She has been bringing finance to migrants for over a decade.

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