Is it possible to open an account with a passport in Spain?

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You live in Spain and you want to open a current account with your passport? Foreigner or Spanish resident, learn everything there is to know in less than 5 minutes!  


Requirements to open a current account in Spain with a passport  

When you arrive in Spain, an essential element for the good progress of your installation will be the opening of your current account. Indeed, opening a current account in Spain will facilitate all your operations in Spain and will avoid you to pay the high fees often imposed by the banks of your country of origin during payments abroad. To do this, choose your future bank according to its tariff conditions or its location. You also have the choice of opening your account in a physical bank, knowing that you will have to meet its many expectations. Another option is to open an account online.  

To open your account in your host country, you will need to provide a number of documents without which the opening of your account will often be complicated. Here is a list of the legal requirements:  

  •     Your passport.  
  •     Proof of address.  
  •     Proof of profesionnal activity 
  •     Being at least 18 years old  


Where can you open an account with a passport?

Traditional banks usually ask a lot of requirements from foreign residents and sometimes require more conditions to open an account. However, there are financial institutions that specialise in finance for foreigners and provide them with more facilities, which is the case of Moneytrans. 

 Moneytrans has been taking care of the money of foreigners who send money to their families in their countries of origin for more than 20 years and has the trust of more than 10 million customers. In all those years, we at Moneytrans have seen the need for foreign residents to have a fair account without abusive fees. That’s why we created the Smile Account. This will allow you to transfer money, manage your finances through our application, get a free Mastercard and many other benefits.   


5 steps to open an account with passport

To open your Smile Account, you will need to go to . Then, you can register via your email address, your Moneytrans customer code or via social networks. Select “Smile Account” and enter all your data. You will then receive an email to validate the opening of your account.  

Then, connect to our website and click on “Smile Mastercard Account” and then on “Open a Smile Account”. To do so, you will only have to provide a few documents 

  1.     A passport.  
  2.     A proof of address.  
  3.     A cell phone number.  
  4.     An email address.  
  5.     An initial deposit of €5 on your account. Your account is totally free, you will be able to use these €5 when you receive your Mastercard.  



Our team will verify your identity as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of all the benefits this account offers!  You can also visit one of the many Moneytrans branches where an advisor can help you with all the necessary steps.   

After opening your account, you will receive a Mastercard by mail in the following 10 working days, that you will need to activate. To do this, you can either go directly to a counter to make your first withdrawal which will automatically activate your card. You can also make a purchase in any shop and by entering your pin code, your card will be activated.  


3 reasons to open a Smile Account

The Smile Account is the bank free account designed and created for everyone, and in just 1 minute we want to show you the 3 great reasons why you should open a Smile Account. 

  1. You don’t need a bank. The Smile Account is a current account with a European IBAN and a Mastercard debit card in your name. You can open it in 5 minutes, without being required to have your salary paid directly into your account, and without any high fees or hidden costs of banks. 
  2. The account for all. We have created an account that speaks your language, designed for you, regardless of your origin, age or purchasing power. Do you live in Spain and have a passport, TIE or DNI? Welcome, you can open an account!
  3. Save time and money. Moneytrans has a network of authorised branches throughout the country where you can operate your account and our agents will help you with whatever you need. If you prefer, you can download our app and control your finances from wherever you are.

Get yours now! 

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