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We all say “I start saving tomorrow “, but who gets it? We encourage you to start now with us! The most important thing is to take the first step, the rest is to follow all the tricks we offer today to save in your day to day. Are you going to miss this opportunity? Today you’re in luck because it’s World Savings Day! What better excuse than today to start saving or to improve your way of saving?

The bases of any savings are focused on making a good budget, comparing prices and offers, and creating a savings bank account that generates interest. From there, the possibilities of saving are many!



Save water

  1. Better shower than bath. A shower may not be as relaxing as a bath, but it is much more sustainable and, above all, cheaper. Furthermore, there is nothing like a good concert under the shower!
  2. Better the rubbish bin than the toilet. It is estimated that almost 30% of the water consumption in a house comes from the toilet, so instead of throwing papers there and pull the cistern, you can buy a small rubbish bin for the bathroom. Don’t you?
  3. Turn off the tap. In a minute about 10 litres of water are wasted, so the best way to save on your water consumption is to turn off the tap when we lather up or brush our teeth.

Save electricity

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. The same goes for electrical appliances, televisions or computers, which not only have to be paid for but also unplugged if we do not want to increase our bills by up to 15%.
  2. Painting the walls and ceiling in light tones will make it brighter and consume less.
  3. Replacing traditional light bulbs with low energy bulbs will help us in our aim to reduce energy costs. LED bulbs are very efficient and you will not lose luminosity!
  4. Concentrate the heat by leaving the blinds open during the day, so that the house heats up naturally. Don’t forget to close them at night!
  5. Use your appliances efficiently. The most efficient are those that have a label with A+ or A++. But you can also learn to use your own more economically. For example, don’t put your dishwasher or washing machine on until they are complete or wash cold. You can save up to 125 euros a year!
  6. A question of preferences! If you choose a microwave oven first, you will consume 70% less energy. And if you still want to use the oven, it is preferable to use it to bake several meals at the same time. Always be a saver!


Saving money at home- Moneytrans Blog


Save money on food

  1. Making a shopping list before going to the supermarket makes it possible for us to have in writing what our real needs are in the face of the temptations that are presented.
  2. Budget! Establishing a fixed amount of money each month for food will encourage greater control of expenses. Who knows, you may even have an extra amount at the end of the month for that delicious candy in aisle three!

Save money in your trips

We’ve been talking about holidays all year round, and yet we wait until the last minute to organise everything and buy tickets. Looking at flights and hotels well in advance assures you of cheaper prices. In addition, Moneytrans offers prepaid cards without commissions or the need to create a bank account, something very useful in your next adventure. Now you only have to choose your destination!

Save money on children’s issues

“Don’t throw that on the floor! Don’t break that other one”, are just some of the phrases that parents repeat to their children every day. That’s why it’s so important to introduce the youngest members of the household to the culture of saving, to explain to them how important it is for them to take care of their toys or clothes that have cost them so much sacrifice to get their parents. A challenge without a doubt!


Save money through recycling 

Recycling what we already have at home and reusing it is the best way to save – just let your imagination run wild!



  1. Beware of impulses when shopping. It’s true that this jacket has a very nice colour, it’s your size and it will even look great on you. But you have another one waiting for you in your wardrobe!
  2. When we go out shopping in physical stores we spend time, gasoline and money in car parks. Online shopping will save you from all that!
  3. When we’re on the street and we have low amounts of cash left, we’re more likely to succumb to things we don’t really need to buy. However, with a credit card it is much easier to keep track of expenses. For example, in the App of Moneytrans you can see all your movements and how much balance you have left.
  4. Eating on the street is more expensive. The key is to calculate the total amount of street meals: those 10 euros become an expense that exceeds 1,000 euros at the end of the year. And then there’s nothing better than home-cooked food, right?



  1. Saving on gasoline on your trips is very easy. Check if your tyre pressure is correct, try to maintain a uniform speed during the journey and try not to carry so much luggage. Unnecessary loads cause consumption to skyrocket!
  2. Carpooling for work, college, or even weekend trips means splitting costs at the end of the month. Sharing is saving!
  3. Another way to save on fuel and much more ecological is to go by bicycle, and you’ll be doing sport, which never hurts!


Saving money on the street - Moneytrans Blog



  1. Recycle as much paper as possible and reduce unnecessary printing of documents you already have online.
  2. Has your colleague left his computer or lights on? Make sure you leave everything turned off before you leave. And remind them for the next time!



  1. Don’t settle, find a financial institution that really suits your needs: This is one of the most frequent mistakes made by immigrants and as a result their financial providers are dispersed. It is best to concentrate your financial activity in one single… bank? No! There is another way to manage your deposits that suits you. We are talking about neobanks like Moneytrans, financial institutions up to 4 times cheaper than traditional banks and with the same security!
  2. Discover the bank account without bank that will change your life, discover the Smile Account!


At Moneytrans we want to make your life easier, but above all we want you to save money thanks to the best value for money. We work every day to offer you a fair price that suits your needs!

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