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Did you know that, with Moneytrans you can send money to Cuba. But why should you use our services to make your money transfers?


We have been working in the world of remittances for more than 20 years, we deal every day with more than 5 million clients, having made more than 45 million transactions processed, and we know what our customers are worried about or which are they needs. That’s why at Moneytrans we take into account a series of qualities that make us unique and the best choice for sending money to Cuba and many other countries.


-Security: Our online service iMoneytrans, is a financial institution duly authorized and supervised by regulation and associated with industry leaders to process your online payments in a secure manner.


-Easy:  You do not have to go to an office and the service is available 24 hours / 7 days a week on your computer, tablet or mobile. Make your transfers in 3 simple steps: 1. Check the cost, 2. Select or create your beneficiary and 3. Confirm and pay it sent. It’s that simple


-Fast: With a simple Internet connection, you can make or check your money transfer from our website: or our App quickly and efficiently in just 2 minutes, having your money sent on the same day, or maximum 48 hours (via AIS Card).


Comity: With us, you can decide which is more comfortable for you, if you want to send money to Cuba and receive it in cash at more than 500 collection points, or through AIS Card.


Quality and Price: Only 5€ commission for any transfer or sending money to Cuba. In addition to, we have the most competitive market rates. Check it out with our free service to calculate your money transfers to Cuba.


-Confidence: The iMoneytrans service is backed by the Moneytrans group, and we want to ensure your trust by offering you a service with which you can see the status of your shipment to Cuba, at all times.


Attention to the client: We have already said it, but we really like to take care of our customers. We know that nothing gives more peace of mind, than having a person to ask your questions and to solve them. That is why we put at your disposal a team of professional experts who will answer any questions you have about your money transfers, and with our best smile.


Find us:

-On the phone 951 01 55 011

– Write us through our online chat at Moneytrans.

-Comment your concerns in our social networks. Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

-Contact us by WhatsApp, register our phone 951 01 55 011, and simply send a message through the WhatsApp app with the word HOLA


The first step is always the most difficult, but even in that, we want to help you with. So you can try and be satisfied with our platform iMoneytrans of money transfers online. Use the WELCOME code to get a free trial of this service. 



What is an AIS card, and for what is used for?

The AIS Cards (American International Service) are cards that allow you to receive money quickly and safely within the Cuban territory.

Any citizen residing in Cuba can request it free of charge, directly at the financial offices of the CIMEX Financial (FINCIMEX) having to pick it up in person after 5 working days if it is within the city of La Havana and between 10 days if you live in other provinces , and its validity is for a whole year

This card is very useful if you have family or friends that you want to send money to Cuba, allowing you to send and receive money in less than 24 hours, instead of the 7 or 15 days it normally takes with the conventional service for shipments to La Havana

The AIS card allows you to receive the money directly on your card, with the convenience of receiving it in your home instead of having to move to a bank, which is pretty good if you do not have any nearby. The limit of these cards is € 1,000 in each transaction and a total of € 2,000 per quarter.

Once you have the money in the AIS card, your beneficiary can use it with total normality within the network of acceptance of Cuba cards, being able to pay with this card in shops or stores, withdraw cash in any ATM.

Moneytrans allows the payment to this type of cards so that your shipment to Cuba from Spain or Sweden is faster, easier and safer for your relatives. Select as the payment method “bank deposit” and try your first free transfer.

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